One Week Later Report for March 24th, 2021

Welcome to the 10th One Week Later Report for 2021.

This week we’ll cover the books released on 03/17/2021, which was last week.

These can be books we anticipated getting hot, total surprise winners and perhaps books that got hyped and ended up as duds. Also could be a good list to use when out picking up this weeks books for you Wednesday Warriors..

Last week we skipped due to it being just a really lackluster week. This week (last weeks books) really wasn’t any better. But one book stands out as a front runner winner when it comes in terms of flipping for quick profit.

That book is Horror Comics Black and White #1. Likely an overlooked and under ordered book that started selling between the $20 to $30 range. Now listings are pushing the limits to $40 and up. Not a lot sold as the new listings now dominate the solds..  but still a book to keep an eye out for if you’re in the mood to undercut others for a quick flip type of profit potential (unless you are a horror fan and want it for the collection). It really does have a cool cover but I’m also a sucker for skulls.

Now since that was really the only book noteworthy that’s selling above cover for the most part, here’s a book I think is worthy in those who were patient and can likely grab at better deals than retailers might of listed at.

If you’re a Hans fan, Captain Marvel #27 variant was a $36 book at Midtown (after discount). But you can find this for well below that cost on eBay currently with a few auctions hovering under $30 currently and could slip by under the radar as most of the BIN in the past week only averaged the $40 range.

Great looking cover. Nothing really big happened in this issue from what I recall so patience is a virtue when it comes to great ratio covers as they tend to fall more than rise (gotta have those firsts in them to really make them pop). It’s one to watch and nab when the price is right.

Also a honorable mention goes to Orphan and the Five Beasts #1 by Stokoe. Sold out at Midtown but still available at TFAW. Love Stokoe’s work and stories. I have yet to read (still waiting on my pre-orders to arrive) but highly looking forward to this title myself.

4 thoughts on “One Week Later Report for March 24th, 2021”

  1. What do you MEAN NOTHING REALLY HAPPENED in Captain Marvel??


    The Mattress Mambo.. The Horizontal Hustle.. The Sheet Shuffle..

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