The Rise #1 – Back in Stock Alert

This one likely slipped past some retailers and people, but The Rise #1 which is a prequel being written by Romero’s son is now back in stock at TFAW.

The Rise #1 (of 6) is the beginning of the 6 issue series written by the late George A Romero’s son, George C Romero. This is a series I don’t want to miss myself and happy these are back in stock as I missed the first round of pre-ordering.

The film Night of the Living Dead changed popular culture forever, and now George C. Romero, the son of legendary film director George A. Romero, tells the story before the worst night on Earth. Learn about the death, destruction, and tragedy that led to the birth of the modern zombie in this prequel horror saga to the most significant and influential horror film franchise in history!

The Rise #1 (of 6)

You can also pre-order The Rise #2 (of 6) currently as well. These are books I don’t want to potentially pay secondary market prices for.


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