Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 140

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up family. Hope you are all doing well. Hope you are safe. I am hanging in there. Slowly but surely getting back to normal. Before we make money with comics I want to point out that the Falcon and Winter Soldier is just. I can’t amazing can’t wait for Jupiter’s Legacy. Mark Millar is just amazing #testify. Now lets make the money with some comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. Savage Dragon #140 – this issue guest stars both Invincible and Spawn. This has a low print and between the Prime animated series, Spawn getting a movie and Savage Dragon being one of the few comics to have an issue number above #100. I am sure this book has nowhere to go but up. Is that old Savage Dragon cartoon any good? I am afraid to watch it but I love Invincible and Spawn is a classic this is worth the $20 buy in and can be flipped for $30-50

2. Scarlet Witch #1 Hip Hop cover – with all new Wolverine #1 hip hop cover getting love and the Thor #1 hip hop getting love the M.F. Doom homage, I wanted to check out other marvel hip hop covers the one I like the most and is now a wall book at awesomesauce media is this homage to Eminem’s Relapse, yes Relapse, is a crapfest of an album. I love Eminem however Relapse is not his best work. With Wandavision on Disney plus the sequel, to Doctor Strange, Wanda getting a spike in cosplay and just Scalret Witch main running wild plus all the Slim Shady fans Eminem is the goat of hip hop artists #testify and you have a win win kind of comic book $20 and up

3. Daredevil #241 – the Toddfather has many iconic covers Batman #423, Incredible Hulk #340, his Spiderman runs Spawn ect. ect. I feel this classic Daredevil cover needs more love. Undervalued but just a great Image of my boy the man without fear. I believe it is time time that all Toddfather, Todd McFarlane books will be spiking books like Wizard Magazine #1 will be above $25 in three to five years so snag them now even books like new mutants #86&the issue of superman he has a fan letter in are worth the buy in so happy hunting everyone

4. Marvel Knights Captain America #28 – first team up and cover team up of Steve Rogers and Isaiah Bradley. this has Isaiah being president. As the adaption of the Truth mini series in Falcon and the Winter Solider is just amazing. That scene with Isaiah and Sam brought tears to my eyes, it was that damn good. So if you have the truth mini then you need this and the wizard magazine #131 sweet joey q cap cover and the true first appearance of the Truth shows the first five pages of Truth Red White and Black #1 in it so it is a true first #testify both books are now hot hot hot like $35 and up hot

5. Captain America #28 – this is the infamous Red Skull as Jordan Peterson panel. This book has made the news and is all over the internet and it is cheap I believe this should be a $20 bill.

well that is it for this week. thank you for being the greatest blessing in my life i love you all
blind adam out

5 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 140”

  1. Jordan Peterson’s work is fantastic. No offense, but I don’t think you’ve ever listened to a single one of his interviews or lectures. I recommend you watch and/or listen to some of his stuff before making judgements.

    1. Yeah…looked it up and said “that ain’t a Todd cover…”

      Would like to see the interior though if I can find it cheap.

      I’ll have to keep an eye out for both cap 28s.

      Good stuff this week!

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