PGX East Launches New Grading Service

PGX Grading launches new entity, PGX East, within company.

Professional Grading Experts (PGX) Comics announced that they have partnered with former CGC Vintage Comic Grader, Rob Pillsbury, to give the certified collectibles industry PGX Comics East. PGX East is based in Venice, FL.

Founded in 2002, PGX Comics is the second oldest comic book grading company in the world. PGX was established to meet the growing demand for impartial, third-party grading and continues to be the fastest, most affordable grading service in the industry.

PGX East is excited to be offering several industry firsts. Original Art (OA) Certification and Preservation and Prints and Posters grading. PGX Comics East will also holder your Dynamic Forces signed books with a Dynamic Forces designation on the label. PGX East is thrilled to have one-time CGC Rock Concert Poster finalizer and Paper Money expert, Troy Vogel, to the team. For a time, Troy was solely finalizing every Rock Concert Poster. Troy also has over 10 years of paper money grading experience, and will be leading PGX-PM, offering Paper Money Certification. Troy will also be working towards becoming a comic book grader. Having over 30 years of comic collecting experience, it should come quickly.

PGX Comics East Offers:
Express Service Only
Pressing and Cleaning
Original Art Preservation
Prints and Posters Grading
Paper Money Grading
Dynamic Forces signature authentication

PGX Comics East features a new webpage:

Please check the PGX East website for calendar dates for shows and upcoming releases and launches. According to PGX East President, Rob Pillsbury, “There will be a lot of exciting services coming in the next year. The industry will see more options with what we will be doing with our many industry firsts and partnerships globally. When I say globally, yes, we will be going international very soon. I expect international comic, art and pop culture fans to be thrilled. We are working with established industry leaders to bring fans a complete and total experience in many ways.”

The PGX team will be joined by Industry and Collectibles experts, Mikey Halperin and Mike Carbonaro and Sports Collectibles expert Martin Wallach. Added Rob Pillsbury, “The team we have put together and the people we partner with speak for themselves. We run a first class organization with some of the best and most talented people in the industry. We won’t be sitting still.”

22 thoughts on “PGX East Launches New Grading Service”

      1. This is a new offshoot within the company. The guy running it is former cgc grader and the East company is bringing in people who are known. The regular PGX I can honestly say I don’t know if anyone “known” is there.

  1. Thank you Anthony for posting this. If anyone has any questions please call 1-877-849-7786. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and hope to earn your business. We have new labels and are very easy to work with. I have sent product to influencers in the industry and they have all said it looks really solid. I understand for some of you PGX has a black eye. I am here to change that image and raise the bar completely. The other 2 grading companies aren’t perfect either. We will continue to bring you industry firsts. We are going global. We aren’t going anywhere. I have already had calls with 2 big industry people this morning and we will be working with each other to bring our customers and this community anything they want. We have on site grading planned for the Big Apple Con in NY Sept. 25-26. I am outstanding at what I do and I eat, breath and sleep comics.
    Best Regards,
    Rob Pillsbury
    President – PGX COMICS East

    1. Just curious, will PGX ever grade video game magazines such as Nintendo Power, Electronic Games, Gamefan and Electronic gaming Monthly?

    2. I have a question.

      Why does my Detective 577 PGX 9.8 have 3 massive ticks in it? And where do I send the bill to recoup buying this? 😉

  2. Is there a market for the Limited Collectors’ Edition/Marvel Treasury Edition oversized books to get slabbed? It would be nice to see these get preserved for future collectors.

    1. The problem is developing the holder would take $30-50k. And they only did them a few years and there’s just such a limited market for them. If you want to send them to me Jack, I will put them in 2 mil inner well material that I use for posters I’ll label it and grade them. CBCS is raw grading them with Treasury Sized bags and boards. I’ll go one better and do it in sturdy archival plastic and grade it with a blue label. It will be big, but that’s to be expected. I just did a rolling stone magazine and it looks really good!! Check out my Instagram page, Rob Pillsbury, to see it. I’m just not yet pressing Treasury books but that will happen in time also.

      Jack, thanks for coming up with that product for me!! You get a free submission! Go to the PGX Comics East FB page to redeem.

      1. That’s actually awesome to at least do that much. I have Marvel Treasury Edition #28, Superman and Spider-Man that was signed by 9 or 10 artists/writers/creators, including Stan Lee. I would love to have some type of encapsulation with a grade and certification on this pruze in my collection.

  3. Always good to have another option, monopolies aren’t good for anyone. Just ask anyone who has had to deal with Diamond.

  4. Do you encapsulate bagged books? If not, that might not be a bad idea. I realize that you can’t inspect the pages, but you could still evaluate the surface and to many, a poly bagged book is incomplete without the bag. Good luck with the new venture!

    1. Thanks so much Jason. We won’t be doing bagged books at this time but we can think about it. It would be a no grade and really just to protect the item. I will be pretty accessible and accommodating to customers. You can always call the 800 number with questions or go to our FB page and message me.

  5. I’ll stick with my raw comics. Don’t believe in grading. But all the power to you Rob and the people who want to grade their books.

      1. If CBCS isn’t a viable competitor to CGC right now (based on industry adoption and market saturation) then PGX isn’t even on the radar.

        They have a lot more to fix than adding another office before they are seen as even remotely serious.

        1. Wow , collectors like me hate to see gouging prices , remember CGC got hit with the worlds biggest fraud in 2006 , tired of over paying for a product that involves very little skill to grade .

  6. Suggestion for you Rob from complaints I had from people in the hobby:

    Do you accept notes on your submission form? If so, please very said notes and add to label.

    I’ve known a few people who were disappointed with key info missing on a label even though they mentioned it on the submission.

    Yes it will a few extra minutes to cross reference said info but worth it in the end for customer satisfaction.

    Your main obstacle though is the fact that grading is synonymous with making money and for some reason CGC books make more on the market.

    If it was just for protection and preservation the clientele wouldn’t give 2 s#!%$ which company they used, they would go with cheapest.

    If you can flip the money making portion of the market on your side, then you’re golden.

    My 2 cents! 😉

  7. What about grading british uk weeklys anything in the works i heard PGX is doing a 2000ad line with judge dredd. A fellow collector i know said he has a collection of them being grading now And will be the first of its kind any comments on that

  8. I have been PGX for awhile. I just started using PGX East and so far very good. Great results and fantastic customer service. A great option. CGC unfortunately is being eaten alive by their own success and really needs to get back on track with service.

    1. RE: Melvin;s Comments:

      I have yet to get a PGX book that’s properly graded. I only buy 9.8s, and every single one has ticks and garbage corners when they arrive.

      CGC is experiencing some issues, but they’re also working through it and are already decreasing their TATs.

      PGX is gonna have a long way to go before even being considered as a serious option.

  9. Can you contact the Oregon guys about my order. Account number 53984…I will deal with anyone who can offer me a smooth ride, I’m not getting that from PGXWEST. They will not answer emails and they will not answer or respond to calls. My order is overdue.. Which is fine if there are busy and understaffed. But I would like some honesty. They’ve told me my order is finished but they refuse to invoice me. This has been going on for 10 days now. Is someone sick? If so, they should say it…. One begins to worry. Tom Kalb

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