Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 5/12/21

Every week, hundreds of new books hit the stands, each with potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are the picks of the week for delivery 5/12/21

This week feels like a fifth week.

Returning Favorites
Spider-Man Spiders Shadow #2 – The What If? story about Spider-Man becoming Venom started off well, with a cool looking new Venom. This is going to be an excellent read and longer term hold.

You Promised Me Darkness #2 – Very cool, atmospheric first issue was a great read, looking forward to more issues.

New #1’s
Junky Cable #1 – New small press title from Behemoth looks interesting. Behemoth has had several hits on their hands lately. Allister, the death surgeon and Cheap, the code thief, are two criminals and lovers out searching for their step daughter Siri. Their journey begins in the bounty city Nibel and will stretch to industrial city New Okinawa, and along this journey they will encounter numerous enemies, trials, cyborgs and nutcases, while a mysterious enemy emerges from the past to hunt them down.

Silver City #1 – New series from Aftershock, which means it will probably be a good read. When a young roughneck lands in Silver City, the gritty, purgatorial metropolis of the afterlife, she must adapt to her new existence, while attempting to uncov-er how and why she died. Her mission is derailed, however, when she rescues a newly dead girl from a mysterious kidnapping attempt, and discovers powerful, kinetic abilities. Welcome to Silver City, where the sun never rises and nothing ever chang-es…until now.

Time Before Time #1 – New Image Comics series. The year is 2140, and to escape a world with no future, many turn to the Syndicate, a criminal organization who, for the right price, will smuggle you back in time to a better life. After working for the Syndicate for years, Tatsuo and Oscar decide to steal one of their boss’s time machines-but soon find that the one thing you can’t run from is your past.

X-Corp #1 – New Marvel X-Men title. The deals have been made. Mutantkind is safe on Krakoa. As the Reign of X continues, what are the wants of the mutants who have everything? Leading the charge is X-CORPORATION, headed by CXOs Monet St. Croix and Warren Worthington, a duo as cutthroat and ruthless in the boardroom as they are on a battlefield. But X-Corp needs more than just its figureheads. As Monet sets out to staff their team with some of the brightest and most deviant minds in mutantkind, Warren finds himself in a tense meeting with one of Krakoa’s first allies who wants to know the truth: on Angel’s wings, will X-Corp crash or soar?

Ones to Watch
Canto & The City Of Giants #2 – Canto books are always great grabs. The animated movie coming has helped it popularity as well. Look for the 1:10 Variant if you can find it.

GI Joe A Real American Hero #281 – New GI Joe joins the team. The 1:10 Variant has a high sale of $25 already

Fantastic Four #32 – Doom gets married. Marvel weddings have not gone on without a hitch, so expect something to go wrong.

Department Of Truth #1 5th Ptg – Popular Tynion conspiracy book goes back for a fifth printing. Look out for the Secret Variant for this one. One is showing as sold for $70

Pick of the Week
Hank Howard Pizza Detective In Caligulas Safe #1 – Such a strange title for this Bad Idea Comic. Copies are out there for $1 each, but secondary market sales of up to $20 are showing on eBay. So will need direct sellers to dry out but good chance at growth as they do.

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  1. Grabbed all here covers of YPMD2 on MCS.

    Now all sold out.

    Saves me a trip to the LCS at opening tomorrow at least…

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