Variant Picks of the Week for June 9th, 2021

It’s a smaller week but I think a pretty good week for variants. I’ll kick off with a Batman cover.

Batman Urban Legends #4 Nguyen Variant. Dustin breaks from his traditional water color cover and art and gives us a pretty bad ass Batman cover I think.


I really dig Jamal Campbell’s art. I think he’s highly underrated. This one is pretty slick for Challenge of the Super Sons #3.


Love this Transformers Annual 2021 from Freddie Williams. It’s very 2000AD Dredd gritty looking style for sure..

I don’t know why but I love this 6 Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton #1 by Erica Henderson. My only gripe though is it needs more noise, the blue and pink backgrounds seem a little empty. If this is to mimic the cheesy tabloid magazines, it needs more noise.


Black Widow #6 2nd Printing Ratio is nothing groundbreaking but it’s the buy due to potential type of book I think. If you can snag for $30 or less, it’s semi-cheap gambling I think.


Loving this Greg Smallwood variant for Spider-Man’s Spider’s Shadow #3.


It’s hard to pass up a great looking Alex Ross sketch but this one is a 2nd print ratio for issue #1. So good luck finding one for cheap, most shops are gonna price this one accordingly. I love the actual pencil sketch variants though.

Bunny Mask #1 has a great looking and very simplistic variant of just the bunny ears and mask (cutout variant). Midtown and a few others already sold out. I’d say this one might be the winner if this book heats up any.


I pointed out and praised this one in my FOC highlights a few weeks back but you gotta love Dan Mora’s art and particularly for Eve #2. There’s a virgin variant as well. Be on the lookout as those could be decent flip profit. If you can’t find at cover though, stick with the cover with dressing.

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