Variant Picks of the Week for June 23rd, 2021


I’m getting all these picks articles out of the way cause tomorrow is Father’s Day (Happy Father’s Day to all you men who reproduced offspring) as I don’t plan on doing jack shit tomorrow except probably a lot of naps.

Fantastic Four Life Story #2 ACO Variant. I just love this cover art. This is how variants should be done. Unique, different and capture your attention.


Gamma Flight #1 has a Kaare Andrews awesome variant that depicts Where the Wild Things Go which is just a great classic.


Here we go again, another Silk variant ratio that has Silk upside down yet we still chase them. Silk #4 Frison Variant is still awesome, even though it’s nothing groundbreaking.

Batman Reptilian #1 has a pretty cool Sienkiewicz variant. Bill is sometimes a miss for me but this one nails it this time.


Checkmate #1 has a very cool and simplistic Matt Taylor variant, which I mentioned a few weeks back I believe in my FOC picks one week. Love it and it looks like they’re doing this style of every issue in the series.


In Middleton We Trust, right? Wonder Woman Black & Gold #1 is a rock solid cover by the man who pretty much made us coin the term, Killer B’s…


I would have thought more publishers and titles would have celebrated Juneteenth but yet this seems like the only one to celebrate the occasion.

Phil Murphy gives us a bad ass Gigawatt Blueprint Design Variant for Transformers Back to the Future #4. Fantastic. Imagine if this was a ratio variant? Still worthy of a grab for me.

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