Moon Knight ? – The Early Books Every Fan Should Own

So Moon Knight is upon us coming to Disney+ in the very near future. This could project Moon Knights popularity higher than it has ever been before as I still encounter plenty of people who are “Moon Knight Who?”.

As a long time fan of Moon Knight, since my very early days of collecting comics, here is the list of the earlier books I think every Moon Knight fan and future fan should own in their collection, at least some or all of them.

Werewolf By Night

So obviously, it’s not completely out of reach for some (the lower grade issues) but is seeing a huge rise in value over the past year is Moon Knights first appearance in Werewolf By Night #32.

Now is the time to buy I think before it really gets out of reach, particularly for the higher graded copies out there. I don’t think these are going to dip back down anytime soon (unless the show ends up completely sucking and turns fans away, which I don’t see happening).

If you can’t bring yourself to forking over the cash for this original beauty, there’s a facsimile edition that’s soon to arrive to shop shelves.

The next key book to own of course is Werewolf by Night #33 which continues the story and is the second appearance made by Moon Knight.

I actually secured a CGC NM of this issue myself about two years ago for a fraction of the price they’re now going for as these are seeing the same love that the first appearance is seeing.

As the show approaches, we’re going to continue to see these rise in value. I secured my copy for well under $500 at the time and now 9.0 and up are seeing prices in the thousands.

Moon Knight made his 3rd appearance a few issues later in Werewolf by Night #37. I think this book is underrated because it always seems like there’s so many less copies available on the market and they seem to be slim pickings. I guess the kiddos didn’t care much about Moon Knights 3rd appearance back in the day, wasn’t as special as the first two.

Marvel Spotlight #28 and Marvel Spotlight #29

The early Moon Knight appearances in the Werewolf by Night series were not all about Moon Knight.

Moon Knight didn’t get his own first solo story until Marvel Spotlight on The Moon Knight #28. This makes this issue a very important one I think for Moon Knight and probably more important than his actual first appearances. His popularity increased from such first, second and third appearances in Werewolf by Night that readers and fans were on board, wanting more Moon Knight.

The story in this issue carried over into Marvel Spotlight #29, making it a semi-key book as well for one of Moon Knights earliest appearances.

Defenders #47

Now before Moon Knight went on to get his own solo title series, he made quite a few more appearances.

Defenders #47 is the first title and issue that Moon Knight sort of branches out into the Marvel Universe where he’s now interacting with other beloved and known Marvel characters at the time. This book I think is very underrated as it’s important to Moon Knight.

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #22

After this debut into the MCU, Moon Knight goes on to meet Spider-Man for the first time in Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #22.

Just a great issue to own that has Moon Knight on the cover. Prices are climbing for this one as well. I scored a 9.8 for around $100 or so a year or two back, a recent 9.4 went for $255.

If you’re the true completist, you’ll probably want to pick up Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #23 as well. He shows up there and is also on the cover as well.

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12 thoughts on “Moon Knight ? – The Early Books Every Fan Should Own”

  1. Lets hope the writer of the upcoming Moon Knight monthly title has plans to have the character form his own team consisting of himself Black Crow Spiderwoman The Shroud The Judge Mayhem and Nocturne.

  2. You missed out on the hulk magazine appearances. Came out before Moon Knight 1 and has Bill S first art.

      1. #11 was the first Moon Knight in the run….#13 is the first Bill S (I can’t spell his name) on MK

        1. Yeah, that’s right. I have issues spelling his name too.. I have to sit and think about it for a second. Sienkiewicz. I do it in installments.. Sien… Kie… wicz.. the cz at the end always throws me off, I want to throw an S in there.. 😉

    1. Yeah. I would imagine these Hulk Magazines would be more sought after if they had Moon Knight on the covers, like a small image of him in the corner, etc. Probably the only thing holding these back in bigger popularity is a) long after first appearance and b) he’s just the back stories as the primary focus is Hulk.

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