[Under the Radar] Strange Academy 13 introduces a new character

Often referred by many as “Harry Potter meets The Marvel Universe”,  the chatter around the Series “Strange Academy” has been pretty dormant since the  first several issues appeared to collectors. For those who have not been reading or keeping up with the series, not only does issue “unlucky #13” introduce Marvel in to the origins of ZOE LAVEAU, but it introduces us to a BRAND NEW CHARACTER known as GAS LAMP!

The Art Adams Magik Variant has been selling well above cover price, as it was under ordered by many shops, but if you are lucky you may still be able find one at a local comic store in your area.

For those who enjoy to collect 1st cover appearances, Gaslamp is slated to make his debut on the cover of Strange Academy 15, targeted to be in comic shops on January 5. (there is also an Art Adams Variant for issue 15 too.)

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