New Episode of Hawkeye Drops Surprise Marvel Character, Not Yelena

Sure, people were very happy to see Yelena Belova in Hawkeye, but did you catch the other Marvel Superhero that Hawkeye dropped into the show?

Hawkeye #3 from 1983 has been selling well today as Episode 4 of Hawkeye dropped on Disney+ this morning. While MCU fans were clamoring about Yelena Belova returning to the screen, a “blink and you missed it” appearance of another Marvel character happened on screen. The character was Wendy Conrad, the police office and larper who retrieved Hawkeye’s arrows. In fact, she asks Hawkeye if he brought his own bag for his arrows, but ends up giving him her bag, the one her wife gave her with the word “Bombshell” inscribed on the side. this is a reference to the character Bombshell, aka Wendy Conrad, who appears in the aforementioned Hawkeye #3.

Another version of Bombshell appears in Ultimate Spider-man #2 from 2009.

Today a total of 8 copies of Ultimate Spider-man #2 sold and Hawkeye #3 sold 13 copies.

As always with the Marvel shows, buyer beware as this could be a one off appearance, but you will most likely see these issues on the Top 10 lists at the end of the week or next week.

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    1. Can’t say I have heard of them. I pulled this from a conversation on our forums. But if you say Thanks_dollar was the originator than who am I to argue.

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