Animal Castle #1 Sells out and Goes to 2nd Print

The buzz around the tense animal uprising drama – ANIMAL CASTLE – continues to grow as ABLAZE announces that issue # 1 of the new comic book series has sold out and will receive a second printing.

Writer, Xavier Dorison, and artist, Felix Delep, shine in this visceral new series as they build on the classic Orwellian premise, moving the story of an animal rebellion in a bold and unexpected new direction. The second printing of ANIMAL CASTLE # 1 will ship with ANIMAL CASTLE #2 for a January 12th on-sale date.

Retailers should contact their Diamond account rep and place a reorder to make sure they don’t miss out! Both books will go on Final Order Cutoff Monday, December 13th.

On the Farm all animals were equal. But in the Castle, some are more equal than others.

Nestled in the heart of a farm forgotten by men, the Animal Castle is ruled with an iron hoof by President Silvio. The bull and his dog militia savor their power, while the other animals are exhausted by work, until the arrival of the mysterious Azelard, a traveling rat who will teach them the secrets of civil disobedience.

ANIMAL CASTLE #2 , by Xavier Dorison & Felix Delep MSRP: $3.99 • Release Date: January 12, 2022

After witnessing the deaths of animals that she knew as friends for seemingly nothing, Miss B. becomes a conflicted cat. Things are further complicated when questions are raised about the state of the farm, bringing down severe retaliation by President Silvio’s hounds. Miss B. must ask herself what’s worse: doing something that could cost a life or do nothingat all?For fans of the bestselling Stray Dogsand the Eisner Award winning Beasts of Burden comes an animal fable at once familiar and surprising! You may think you know the story but set aside your assumptions, this animal uprising is unlike any you have read!

“ANIMAL CASTLE updates a classic story of oppression and rebellion with relatable new characters that add fresh layers to the plot, and they will endear themselves to a new generation of readers,” says Rich Young, co-founder of ABLAZE. “We are very gratified to see such strong support for this series and we look forward to more readers discovering the story.”

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