Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 143

Hello my Comics Heating Up family. Merry Christmas, hope santa was good to you all. I am on the not nice list as I requested, but please stay safe and be well. Don’t eat to much, don’t drink and drive, watch Hawkeye and Spiderman No Way Home (as they were awesomesauce). Anyway, lets make some money with some comics cause you can’t teach that

1. Lady Robotika #1 this came out from Image Comics. Features great Bill Morrison art and was co created by the Go Gos Jane Weidlin. Jane was sexy and that is a fact this is just a cool robot chick comic and it is in dollar boxes so happy hunting. There was a Convention Exclusive Variant by Jim Silke, that goes for more and is harder to find.

2. Amazing Spiderman #297 – classic Doc Ock cover and story. Doc Ock was a major point in Spiderman No Way Home. His appearances and covers have heated up and are being bought up. This is one of my favorites and it is between $5-10

3. Young Avengers Toybiz Box Set – this is a four action figure box set that included Iron Lad, Hulkling, Patriot, and Asgaridian. It came with a Marvel Legends Reprint of Young Avengers #1 and I believe this might be the second rarest variant to get in a 9.8 as it is difficult to remove from the box. So if you find this I would just keep it mint in the box or find it already removed as by itself this variant goes for $100-200 so happy hunting

4. Batman #309 – just a classic Batman Christmas story (and a sad Christmas story at that). This is dark for the 1970s and it makes Blockbuster a hero for a day. There is a Mark Jewelers and British edition as well $25

6 Spiderman the Kingpin To the Death – this is a original graphic novel from 1997 Spiderman and Daredevil vs The Kingpin. All are tV and movie stars and this is a cool story with the legendary, the goat of comic books, Stan “The Man Lee with brilliant art from jazzy John Romita Sr. Why is this only $5-8? happy hunting

7. Marvel Age #115 – the Midnight Sons are heating up. Ghost Rider #28, Morbius the Living Vampire #1, and the Rise of the Midnight Sons crossover, are out of the dollar boxes. Well this is a great true first as on the back cover there is the Midnight Sons named and as a group. Mow lets hope they make it the mcu $5-20

8. Now What?! #2 and Now What?! #3 – Now What was the “Dark Horse Insider” or the “Marvel Age” for Now Comics. They had some really cool previews and true firsts in this series but nothing cooler then the Alex Ross interview and preview art for Terminator Burning Earth in issue 2 and the preview in issue 3. These pre date Terminator Burning Earth and I am calling this the true first for Alex Ross and his first published comic work $1-25

9. Amazing Spider-Girl #12 – Spider-Girl vs Carnage. Cool cover and cool book. Spider-Girl was an awesome sauce character that just didn’t get used enough.

10. Shogun Warriors #1 – The 70’s and 80’s are all the rage and all first appearance 70’s/80’s toy and tv characters are getting hot. This comic is based off the giant robot toys, which had a classic Godzilla figure in its line. Can be found super cheap and Shogun Warriors were the best toys.

11. Avengers Academy #14 – X-23 cover by Mike Deodato and an homage to the classic Frank Miller Wolverine cover. Avengers Arena #1 has heated up so the rest of the series could use some love as well. This cover is the one to start it.

12. Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme #17 – Part 4 of the 90’s Vampire Verses Crossover. Origin of the first zombie to the Marvel Universe. Marvel Zombies is getting their own spin off from What If? on Disney Plus. Very cool low cost book.

Well that is it for now. Time to go enjoy pizza and Red Bull before Santa comes.  Have a blessed holiday and a kickass 2022
love you all
blind adam out

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