February Previews 2022 – Indie and Small Publisher Spotlight Books

Previews gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s the spotlight new books (and possibly some trade/hardcovers/omnibuses) coming out of February Previews for the indie and small publishers…

Edit: These were actually for February Previews, not January.

Sorry for the late picks for the smaller publishers. I’m combining these to hopefully spotlight some great potential books whether they’re spec worthy or just a good read with great art.

Break Out #1 could be a good read while also possibly being spec worthy as Zaplan has gone on to get books optioned in the past.

Break Out #1

GI Joe a Real American Hero 40th Anniv Special is a must if this is the actual cover. Just the logo all on it’s own brings back childhood memories of collecting and playing with my GI Joe action figures. An all black cover is going to be potentially hard to come by as well.

GI Joe a Real American Hero 40th Anniv Special

If you like Horror and Steve Niles, then A Town Called Terror #1 (Cover A – Kudranski) is right up your alley for sure. Loving these covers as well for both A and B.

A Town Called Terror #1 (Cover B – Daniel & Kudranski)

A Town Called Terror #1 (Cover A - Kudranski)

A Town Called Terror #1 (Cover B - Daniel & Kudranski)

It’s another vampire book but could be worthy, as I normally dig Ward’s stuff. It’s Blood-Stained Teeth #1 (Cover A – Ward) coming out of Image Comics.

Of course Image stops doing additional prints from paper shortages but that doesn’t stop them from doing their usual multiple covers… and I also noticed they got a huge handful of “Image Firsts” on Previews for January. Geez Image, if you’re gonna try and save paper, at least try and actually save paper by not doing additional printings disguised as “Image Firsts”…

Blood-Stained Teeth #1 (Cover B – Reynolds)
Blood-Stained Teeth #1 (Cover C – Shalvey)
Blood-Stained Teeth #1 (Cover D – Blank Cover)

Blood-Stained Teeth #1 (Cover A - Ward)

It comes off as Mad Max + Snowpiercer in a apocalyptic world where the sun’s radiation will kill you if you go slower than 78mph in the same book titled 78 Mph #1. Seems like an interesting concept. Count me in.

78 Mph #1

Corollary #1 (of 4) seems like it could have potential if the story is good. Source Point puts out winners but also duds, so it’s a definite checkout. If the art on the cover is the same as the interiors, might not be for everyone.

Corollary #1 (of 4)

Nottingham #6 (of 5) (Cover A – Volk). #6 of 5? What? Haha.. love it!

Nottingham #6 (of 5) (Cover B – Volk)

Nottingham #6 (of 5) (Cover A - Volk)

If the story is as cool as the art for Triskele #1 (Cover A – Monaramis), count me in.

Triskele #1 (Cover A - Monaramis)

I’m not completely sold yet on Vanity #1 (Cover A – Schmalke) but could be worth checking out.

Vanity #1 (Cover A - Schmalke)

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