Hero Initiative Humberto Ramos Variant for Venom #35 aka 200th Issue

We all saw what happened with the JLA Avengers Hero Initiative recently on the secondary market. Now Marvel is doing apparently another one for Venom #35 (#200 Legacy).

It’s limited to 3k copies. There will likely be allocations but you might as well and try to put in your pre-orders now. TFAW has them available at: Venom #35 (Hero Initiative Ramos Variant) 200th Issue

Venom #35 (Hero Inititive Ramos Variant) 200th Issue

Marvel Comics’ Venom #35 was both a ‘Legacy’ issue #200 and a massive, 96-page spectacular! You can get it with this incredible Hero Initiative exclusive cover by artists Humberto Ramos and Ryan Stegman, with colors by Edgar Delgado! Limited to just 3,000 copies, and proceeds benefit Hero Initiative, the charity that helps comic creators in medical or financial need!

This could result in the same FOMO from collectors seeking these out and paying crazy prices. It would be really nice to know even if you are reselling these, you’re donating the money back to the Hero Initiative. Let’s just keep passing these around and selling, donating the money to charity each time. That would be pretty awesome!

You can also directly order from The Hero Initiative as well.

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