Top Ten for Week of 3/25/22

Since  came on the scene, they have become a go to spot for watching eBay trends on comics. They scour thousands of eBay sales to cultivate data to spotlight the hottest selling comics. Here is this week’s Top Ten Comics: (Please note, potential spoilers do follow, and, these results are for auction that closed last week. )

#10 THOR #1 | MARVEL | 2014
This first ongoing issue featuring a female Thor (later revealed to be Jane Foster) is picking up steam as we get closer to a THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER trailer. Which has to be any day now, right? We tracked 14 copies sold this week at a 7-day trend of 118% and a high sale of $330 for a CGC 9.8.

The Inquisitors and the Grand Inquisitor, whose first appearance in STAR WARS: DARTH VADER #6, was already on fire before their appearance in the Disney+ KENOBI trailer, thanks to speculation and rumors. Which their official confirmation, this first appearance is still hot with 22 sold copies tracked this week at a 7-day trend of 82% and a high sale of $490 for a CGC 9.8.

#8 STAR WARS #2 | MARVEL | 1977
With Obi-Wan getting more attention, his first appearance is picking back up. Last week, we tracked 16 copies sold, a 7-day trend of 116%, and had a high sale of $1,920 for a CGC 9.8. Keep in mind that this is nearly half of the all-time high of $3,700 in March 2021.

The recent health concerns around George Perez have spotlighted the need for us, as a community, to contribute to vital organizations like the Hero Initiative. The Hero Initiative was created as a charity dedicated to helping comic book creators in medical or financial need. George Perez, a founding board member himself, is an example of a comic book creator that this charity would directly benefit from. Marvel & DC came back together to reprint this classic crossover in a trade paperback limited to 7000 copies. Initially, only costing $30, it’s the first official TPB to make it to our top 10 with 16 copies sold (though about 60 came in after we generated this report after adjusting the search parameters) at a 7-day trend of 138%, and a high sale of $535 for a raw copy. However, the fair market value is currently trending at $250. We implore you to consider donating a portion of those profits to the Heroes Initiative for those selling their copies. The intention of this book was to benefit the charity rather than create a rare exclusive with aftermarket value. If we can work together to share these aftermarket sales, this limited TPB will be an even more significant success by increasing those initial funds raised and giving directly back to the creators we love.

#6 BATMAN #28 | DC | 2014
Per Deadline regarding CW’s GOTHAM KNIGHTS, “Fallon Smythe plays Harper Row. Described as streetwise, acerbic, and often underestimated, the blue-haired bisexual is a gifted engineer who can fix anything. But what Harper wants most of all is to repair the broken lives of her and her brother, Cullen, the only person she trusts.” Harper Row’s first appearance is in Batman #7 New 52 (2012). However, Harper’s first appearance as Bluebird is in this issue, Batman #28 New 52 (2014), of which we tracked 21 copies sold, at a 7-day trend of 107%, and a high sale of $155 for a CGC 9.8. Look out for that rare combo variant!

#5 CATWOMAN #41 SOZOMAIKA (1:25) | DC | 2022
Sozomaika is quickly growing in popularity, with almost every variant of hers catching on fire. While this cover is a little more reserved value-wise, compared to issues #39 & #40, we still tracked 27 copies sold, with a 7-day trend of 83%, and had a high sale of $50 for a raw copy.

#4 NEW AVENGERS #7 | MARVEL | 2005
As noted, the Illuminati’s live-action appearance seems to be highly likely in DOCTOR STRANGE AND THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS. Their first appearance keeps making their way back onto the Top 10. This week it returns to the list with 22 copies sold at a 7-day trend of 103%, a high sale of $495 for a CGC 9.8. Raw copies are currently at an FMV of $52.

It’s rumored that actor Christopher Abbott will be playing The Foreigner in Sony’s KRAVEN film. In the comics, The Foreigner was formerly Married to Silver Sable, and this connection has allowed speculators to believe that Silver Sable may also appear in the film. Her first appearance in this issue moved 22 copies this week, at a 7-day trend of 116%, and had a high sale of $598.88 for a CGC 9.8.

This “What If” animated variant of Captain Carter #1 is hanging in there with a high sale of $92.48 for a raw copy and trending at an FMV of $65. We tracked 30 copies sold this week at a 7-day trend of 105%.

#1 MS. MARVEL #5 | MARVEL | 2014
As noted, The MS. MARVEL Disney+ trailer was finally released last week. While most were upset over the significant change in her powers, there was still enough for fans to get excited about. The trailer is tied to specific moments and covers, like this issue that the show directly matched the cover image with a scene in the show. In addition, this issue also features Kamala’s origin and her first official costume. Kamala’s key issues are some of the most expensive modern comics, and this issue was very affordable at an FMV of $20. The keywords are “WAS affordable,” as the raw FMV is now $48. We tracked 37 copies sold at a 7-day trend of 170% and had a high sale of $107.50 for a CGC 9.4.

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