Spoilers: Star Wars Hidden Empire #1

FromDrunk Wooky

Before we get into spoilers I just wanted to say that I loved this issue. It appears Charles Soule is taking a big swing with the Hidden Empire story arc by including a whole gang of canon characters from TV shows, movies, books, and EU content and creating a large believable conflict.
>He’s also teasing content that takes place post Return of the Jedi. Ill touch on that a bit below.

Last thing before we dive in, don’t forget to check out the Drunk Wooky Star Wars Hidden Empire reading order and variant checklist for details on the series, all crossover issues, and every variant you could ever want.


Quick Note: I wont be posting every page of the comic. Just big pages and key events. This post is not intended to give you a free read of the issue. You should 100% still go buy it.

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