Spoilers: Star Wars Hidden Empire #1

Fermata Cage Star Wars Hidden Empire #1

Next the Archivist talks about how Qi’ra got her mission to destroy the Sith from her master and former leader of Crimson Dawn, Maul. We know that Maul was not powerful enough to take down Sidious or Vader on his own but he was in constant search of secrets that would help him destroy his former mentor. As his right hand, Qi’ra was privvy to everything Maul knew about the Sith. He even trained her in the ancient combat style of Teräs Käsi that was designed to specifically work well against force users.

One of the weapons that Maul came across in his travels was an ancient Sith Artifact called the Fermata Cage. The issue was that to activate this artifact one needed a powerful Dark Side user. Which Qi’ra and the Archivist did not have. They only had the Knights of Ren and Ko Phon Farrus using The Ascendant technology.

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