Spoilers: Star Wars Hidden Empire #1

The issue starts similar to how Star Wars Crimson Reign started with Madelin Sun aka The Archivist telling Qi’ra’s story via hologram. I assume she ends up dying and this was her recording the events for the history archives before the end so that the story would live on. Similar to a Jedi or Sith recording events and teaching in a holocron before becoming one with the force.

Fermata Cage Star Wars Hidden Empire #1 Luke Leia

The most interesting part about this page is the two blacked out characters who appear to be wearing hoods. So who are they?!? The issue doesn’t tell us but we based on the dialogue and the outline of the characters I have some ideas.

  1. They are sitting cross legged and wearing hoods listening to a story about Qi’ra’s attack on the Sith. This makes me think they are Jedi.
  2. They appear to be familiar with Qi’ra and her personality

There is really only one Jedi who would know Qi’ra (that we know of) and he has a sister that he trains as a Jedi after the fall of the Empire.

My guess is that this is Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and his Padawan Leia Organa (maybe Solo). Because Leia deals with Qi’ra directly in the War of The Bounty Hunters arc and would know about her personality from conversations with her current/future husband Han.

My one issue with this idea is that I have no idea why they would be blacking out the characters if it was Luke and Leia. The only reason I can think of is that this scene takes place AFTER Return of the Jedi and they are planning on announcing a post ROTJ series that comes after Star Wars Hidden Empire.

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