Spoilers: Batman #130 – Failsafe Triumphant

Batman #130 is in stores tomorrow. Batman and Failsafe square off and a victor emerges, and not the one you may think. Check out the spoilers below:

Spoilers follow. Just click the pages to scroll through them. You’ve been warned, once seen you can’t unsee. So if you don’t like spoilers, stop now!

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3 thoughts on “Spoilers: Batman #130 – Failsafe Triumphant”

  1. Couple questions.

    (1) don’t people have a terminal velocity? I don’t think it’s possible for a human to burn up in a free fall.

    (2) Didn’t we already see this in Final Crisis when Darkseid hit Batman with his Omega Beams? He was burnt to a crisp back then too.

    1. Spiderman/Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman it’s been done. These characters have been around for so long that there is nothing “new” you can do. They are the companies cash cows and they will never let them go, but nothing new will be told.

      When an entire universe is spider people/animals/etc. is it really special or meaningful any longer?

  2. Hilarious how Batman’s suit can easily handle the extreme heat and friction of atmospheric re-entry but gets disintegrated by failsafe’s blast. LOL

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