Spoilers: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 is in stores tomorrow.  Moon Girl puts together a super-hero team of her own, and a roller derby team at the same time. This team of Inhumans has a snake in their midst though, who is setting up to be a villain for her. Check out the spoilers below:

Spoilers follow. Just click the pages to scroll through them. You’ve been warned, once seen you can’t unsee. So if you don’t like spoilers, stop now!

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One thought on “Spoilers: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1”

  1. Why are Ms Marvel and Moon Girl the only Inhumans getting all the love what about the other Inhumans they deserve all the love and a storyline like Reader Iso Inferno Karnak Crystal Mosaic just to name a few the other Inhumans have been obscure like other marvel characters way too long let’s make them major players in the MU again.

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