Dirty D’s F.O.C. (5/26/23)

I hope everyone is ready for a Memorial Day weekend. I have quite a list of items to take care of this weekend, none of them comic related (except for getting this article out). We’ll see how much I get done, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is kind of a weird FOC week. No DC books, and a few Marvel books I was excited to write about were pushed out a week (even though TFAW still has this week as FOC…sigh).

So this one will be short. Which is not all that bad because I can get back to my 3-Day Weekend to-do list.


Judge These Books By Their Cover (Art)

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Ninja Funk One Shot #1 Bolos Playground – Cover C (Quintana Variant)

As a child of the 80’s, Transformers were my thing. But I didn’t get into the comics until the cartoon series was pretty much done with new episodes. Issue 5 of the Marvel 1984 series is a nice painted cover by Mark Bright, possibly the best in the entire run. It just stands out. Bright is not an artist everyone talks (much less raves) about, but I think most who’ve been reading/collecting comics have seen and recognize this cover.

I’m not one who reads Ninja Funk, so this one is for the transformers fans who like seeking out the obscure homages to their covers. Honestly, between Issues 1 & 5 of the Marvel series I’m not sure other covers have been covered.



Star Wars Doctor Aphra #33 (David Marquez Variant)

Aayla Secura did not survive Order 66, but she’s on a Doctor Aphra cover. Why? I dunno! But it’s not half bad, and she has her fans. Also, there isn’t a lot of cover competition this week so it makes the list by default.



FAC(simile) Check


Incredible Hulk #181 Facsimile Edition (Foil Variant)

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know about this Foil Facsimile by now. And you also know shops are getting charged $3.99 (the price on the cover) and that means they’re likely going to charge more than cover upon release so they make some sort of profit. And it seems like it’s going to be their standard practice for these foil facsimiles going forward. What a $h!tty thing for Marvel to do to retailers.

So why is TFAW Pre-orders asking $3.15 (and quoting a retail price of $4.50)? Hell if I know, but don’t pay online prices $6 and up when this opportunity is ripe for the plucking.



Amazing Spider-Man #122 Facsimile Edition

You knew this was coming after Marvel announced issue 121 facsimile.

This is the regular cover. I believe foil editions will also be produced, but as shop exclusives (boooo-urns!!!). :roll_eyes:


Did You Happen To Notice…?


Thor #35 – Cover A

The solicitation promises the origin of Hela. That alone is not really spec worthy. But what’s interesting about this book is what appears to be a “Dark Gauntlet” hovering above Hela’s left hand on the cover. I’ll admit I dropped this book many issues ago so haven’t been following. It could be nothing, but hard not to wonder what his issue has in store.


Incentive Variant of the Week


Silk #2 (of 5) (25 Copy Saowee Variant)

This is also my pick of the week, as there really isn’t much to spec on. But this Silk cover has some potential to be hot out of the gate, similar to the last Silk series Rose Besch cover (also issue #2 1:25 Incentive). Some talk over at the forums seems to support this. Good luck finding it at or near ratio right now.


Drek Of The Week (Don’t FOMO It)

I didn’t really see anything that seemed to be a bust, but do not pay crazy prices for that Hulk 181 facsimile. $6 is reasonable as a shop should make a profit similar to regular books. But if you’re paying $8+ pre FOC….well, you’re being hustled or giving in to FOMO. Don’t do it.


Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

Sure. The high republic Dark Hourse series is wrapping up its first arc. Be aware that issues 6, 7, and 8 are all coming out the same week (weird, huh?), and that puts all three on FOC this week as week, in case you are asking your shop to pre-order them.

Oh, and ASM 300 is coming out with a Foil Facsimile, and like Hulk 181 Foil shops will not get a discount on the $6.99 cover price (yeah, $7…crazy). Still some time before FOC, so Just be on the lookout for good deals, maybe around cover price.

That’s it for this week!

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  1. Most shops will keystone the Hulk 181 facsimile to maintain a standard discount structure. I think many shops are not going to order this one on principle alone. Maybe it will be harder to find. Any online outlet charging less than $3.99 will wind up canceling your order(s).

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