Dirty D’s F.O.C. (8/19/23)

Hello Everybody!! It’s your old pal Dirty D., with some FOC picks for you this weekend.

This week is a bit of a bizzaro week. My highlights have normally favored Marvel books, but Indy’s and DC seemed to have flipped the script a bit…and it’s not even a 5th Wednesday type of phenom going on.


Judge These Books By Their Covers


Green Lantern #3 (Cover C – Rose Besch Variant)

Wildcats #11 (Cover C – Rose Besch Variant)

Everything is coming up Rose’s at DC. Literally. Last week it was Batman, this week Green Lantern and Wildcats. And more are coming in most monthly titles. Her style seems to be gravitating to more like a Scottie Young, but less on the childish side. She’s no Momo, but she’s got her fans and this series of covers should be in their collections.



ASM hasn’t inspired me for a read in a long time. But every so often the book puts out a classic cover. John Romita JR doesn’t always impress, but this cover is one of his better in recent memory.

Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #9 (CVR A – Fico Ossio)

Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #9 (CVR B – Cary Nord)

Quinlan Vos finds himself in a lethal race against time with the deadliest bounty hunter in the Galaxy, Cad Bane!

There are two covers to this book…the one shown is circulating online, and seems to be cover B (given what looks to be Cary Nord’s signature on the art). Not a high printed series…could catch some off guard.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #38 (Clone Wars 15th Anniversary Variant)

Aaaaand speaking of Cad Bane…E.M. Gist once again with a stunning variant featuring the character.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #38 (Casanovas Connecting Variant)

For those of you collecting the Dark Droids connecting variants, don’t forget about Bounty Hunters 38!

Rare Flavours #1 (of 6) (Cover B – Foil Variant)

Meet Rubin Baksh, a demonic Rakshasa with a down-to-earth dream of becoming the next Anthony Bourdain. To make his dream come true, Rubin enlists Mo, a down-on-his-luck filmmaker, to document the world-renowned cuisine of India and the people behind the glorious, flavourful food. But little does Mo know that there’s more to Rubin than meets the eye, and the mortals play a darker role in the show than they were prepared for…

This could get creepy. The Ashcan for this series is still available, but the foil may be worth a look.

Batman and Robin #1 (Cover B – Artgerm Variant)


Batman and Robin #1 (Cover H – Artgerm Foil Variant)

I considered grouping this with the #1’s this week, but that’s not the reason you’re buying this book. In fact, it didn’t matter what book had this cover this week. Did you even read the solicitation? Probably not.

Regardless, the real debate here is…Regular or a Foil? White Rabbit hasn’t had too many memorable covers… well, this week is adds to that short list, for sure. Dirty D’s Cover of the Week.

New No. 1’s


Uncanny Spider-Man #1

Straight from the pages of Timeless 2022, and part of Fall of X, Kurt Wagner is putting on a Spider-Man costume. At least for 6 issues. Buy it for the read; should not be a hard to find book.

Star Wars Dark Droids D-Squad #1

ARTOO-DETOO has to assemble a team of droid heroes: THE D-SQUAD! Filled with guest stars from across the galaxy!

Mini series tie-in to Dark Droids. 1st appearance of the D-Squad, perhaps (you never know…teams are all the rage these days).

Star Wars Dark Droids D-Squad #1 (Connecting Variant)

And D-Squad wouldn’t be an official tie-in to Dark Droids without a Casanovas connecting variant!

Creepshow Vol 2 #1 (of 5) (Cover A)

MINISERIES PREMIERE The smash-hit horror anthology based on the hit Shudder TV series is back and CREEPIER than ever!

Creepshow is back with Vol #2! This one is for all you horror fans. Dirty D’s Small Publisher Book of the Week!

Dirty D’s Pick of the Week


Batman #1 Facsimile Edition (Cover B – Foil Variant)

I think this book is a long term hold, but even if it doesn’t go anywhere the foil will look stunning. A must for Batman Fans…unless you own the original (lucky you, if that be the case!)

Also, I think the “Blank” variant is worth a look…might be a lot of fun for artist sketches. Who will be the first to get Tom King to homage his April Fools Day cover? That would actually be pretty funny.


Batman #1 Facsimile Edition (Cover C – Blank Variant)

Dirty D’s Drek of the Week


Uncanny Spider-Man #1 ((Retailer 25 Copy Incentive Variant) Sam De La Rosa Variant)

Face it, Uncanny Spider-Man is a short lived fun read at best. I know Nightcrawler looks cool in a Spidey outfit, but any spec on this book will likely be extremely short lived. There are some pros; The high incentive ratio is a 1:25 and no store exclusives means a lower print run…but someone is going to do an ASM 300 homage, and all it takes is a 2nd print 1:25 to kill the first print…(you know these are coming…it’s pretty much a given for #1s these days). But the con is it’s not a first appearance…it’s not even a new character…just a new suit/role. If there’s any spec here it’s likely FOMO upon release, or a long ways off when maybe some x-men movie Kurt puts on a spider’s suit as a quick fun moment.

The message here is high risk, likely low reward on this book. Buy it for the PC, not as an investment. If you are investing, buy cheap and do not pay over ratio.


Parting Words

That’s it, everybody! Enjoy what’s left of August, have a great week and see you again next FOC!

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  1. That D-Squad looks cool. 4-LOM,Ig-88 and Aphra’s torture droids looks like a messy bunch. Love the idea.

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