Dirty D’s F.O.C. (9/17/23)

Whaddup, CHUzers? Getting my picks out a little bit later than I’d like this week. But late is better than not at all. Or something.

So let’s skip the pleasantries and dive in.

Judge These Books By Their Covers


Ghost Rider #19 (Vecchio New Champions Variant)

Ghost Rider is actually a good read, but Cover A doesn’t inspire me this month. So I’m grabbing the New Champions variant with a conceptual Ghost Rider sidekick. I don’t think these New Champions have actual names or titles, but I’m naming her Rosie (Jetsons) due to the resemblance.




Star Wars #39 (Rotta Clone Wars 15th Anniv Variant)

If you’re a Hutt fan and follow clone wars, you know Rotta, Jaba’s son and heir to his empire. He was kidnapped by Asajj Ventress in a plot orchestrated by Dooku to frame the Jedi and get the Hutt crime syndicate to join the separatists…it all backfired when Ahsoka and Anakin saved the day, as well as Rotta’s life when he turned ill. Ahsoka and Rotta actually bonded through the ordeal, with her affectionately calling him “stinky.” Although I’m not sure what happened to him after Leia choked his dad to death. Maybe he hates Jedi and all associates of Skywalkers now…

Well, either way I believe this is his first cover.


If At First You Don’t Succeed….Reprint It!

Some cool second and third printings making the rounds this week.


Wolverine #36 (2nd Ptg Tyler Kirkham)

1st print cover A seeing some heat. This is a nice cover, but since Hellverines appeared on cover A I don’t see there being much spec here. Buy it if you like it.



Silver Surfer Rebirth Legacy #1 (2nd Ptg JTC Variant)

Giving new meaning to the term “Negative Space”Variant. Now everyone that bought the first print has to buy this one. Including me. Well played, Marvel. Well played. Just don’t print it on that crappy paper like you always do…(they will).



It’s Jeff #1 (3rd printing)

Nothing too special about this book that I recall… Just the fact that it’s a 3rd print coming out months after the second printing. So it might be ordered on the lighter side, and if the character ever takes off with MCU appearances this could be sought after.


Indy’s of Note


Dwellings #2 (of 3) (Cover A – Stephens)

For the horror fans. Some slept on issue #1, and it took off a bit. Although not catching anyone by surprise, the $9.99 price tag may still keep the print run low. But if you like where this limited series is going you can grab issue #2 at a discount pre FOC. Keep an eye out for the 1:10 incentive if you can find it cheap.



Canary #1 (Dan Panosian Foil Variant Cover)

During the final days of the Gold Rush, one mining company in Colorado, pulled up radioactive Uranium, and then the mine then collapsed in on itself. Legends sprung up about the mine being cursed or even haunted. When a schoolboy kills his teacher with a hatchet, a famous federal marshal named Azrael William Holt is called in to investigate. What he uncovers is stranger and more horrifying than anything they could have ever imagined.

A comixology series Written by Scott Snyder. Sounds different and generating a little buzz. My Indy pick of the week. Foil cover with the gold pistols looks to be cool.


Other #1’s of Note


Spider-Boy #1

This will be a highly printed book, with many store exclusives. I only mention it because if I didn’t I’d probably get ostracized. “How could you miss Spider Boy?!”

This would be my Drek pick, but the story and mystery surrounding Bailey Briggs (if that is his real name) might make this a good read. So pick the cover you like, or wait for the inevitable 2nd or even 3rd printing.



Crypt of Shadows #1 (Paul Azaceta Variant)

It’s that time of year again…time for the Crypt of Shadows to be reopened and unleash a new set of monsters onto the Marvel Universe!

  • a devilishly delightful Deadpool story that features the classic horror charterer the Living Mummy and sets him up for an exciting new status quo!
  • a Scarlet Witch story where she faces a terrifying new villain called the Bricklayer!
  • explore “man vs. monster” in a tale starring Werewolf by Night and the Hulk.
  • The swamp creature who burns all who know fear battles alongside the man without fear! See Daredevil and Man-Thing team up for a spine-tingling adventure

Note: Background character on the cover shown is believed tibe the Bricklayer.


Book of the Week


Batman and Robin #2 (Cover A – Simone Di Meo)

I’ll admit it’s a slow week, and normally this book would not be front and center. But halloween is approaching, the Batman rogues gallery is usually an ok spec gamble. So why not a female Hush? We’ll see.

And she’s on cover A, so that’s checking a few boxes now. The 1:25 incentive would likely be the one to have if she takes off…and it is a pretty decent cover…but if you must have it try to score it under radio. Likely a long term hold here.


Honorable Mention


Watership Down Graphic Novel Adaptation

A beautiful and faithful graphic novel adaptation of Richard Adams’s beloved story of a group of rabbits on an epic journey in search of home. Watership Down is a classic tale of survival, hope, courage, and friendship that has delighted and inspired readers around the world for more than fifty years. Masterfully adapted by award-winning author James Sturm and gorgeously illustrated by bestselling artist Joe Sutphin, this spectacular graphic novel will delight old fans and inspire new ones, bringing the joy of Watership Down to a new generation of readers.

The cartoon adaptation terrified me as a child…but similar to cartoons like Secret of NIMH I’ve grown to appreciate them so much more as an adult. This sounds like a great compliment to the novel.

List price on Amazon is $35, but you can find them cheaper.

Parting Thoughts

That’s it for this week everyone. Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Dirty D’s F.O.C. (9/17/23)”

  1. Thanks for including Watership Down. One of my favorite books and I had no idea there was a graphic novel coming out, let alone that it was on FOC this week!

  2. A quick note on the Watership Down GN, apparently they are releasing the paperback ($26.99) and hardcover ($35.00) the same week. So just be sure if you pre-order you get the right one.

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