Dirty D’s F.O.C. (11/5/23)

Hey there, CHU-zers! I hope everyone has recovered from their sugar highs and candy hangovers. Halloween is over, and that means Christmas Trees are now everywhere. Whatever happened to Thanksgiving, anyway?

Well, it’s Sunday, and another FOC is here. I will say some of the books on FOC have some weird release dates, so if you’re ordering online, just be aware when combining books. Now lets dive in!

Guess Who’s Coming to Town…?


Batman Santa Claus Silent Knight #1 (of 4) (Rub and Smell Variant)

A not-so-jolly St. Nick hits Gotham City to investigate a brutal crime in the days leading up to Christmas… With the help of his former student, Batman, Santa will team up with the heroes of the DC Universe to right this wrong–it’s Claus in canon!

Uhhh…what?! Batman is a former student of Santa…and this is “canon”…?

I’m pretty sure Santa has appeared in a DC comic, but probably some holiday story that was wiped out by Crisis on Infinite Earths or something. So although I’m not buying the “Santa in Continuity” stuff, the story sounds like it could be fun. And this cover is a “Rub and Smell” variant! So have to get that. I’m such a sucker for something new and quirky. But what will it smell like…? :flushed:

The big question here is, will slabbing keep the scent in? (I think lack of smell has to be considered “incomplete”…but a green label would be kinda Christmas-y).


Batman Santa Claus Silent Knight #1 (of 4) (Cover C – Schmidt Homage Variant)

And if Santa’s bloody smelly face and crooked teeth isn’t your sack, then maybe a little Dark Knight Returns Homage…?



Batman #140 (Schmidt Santa Variant)

A Batman #1 Christmas Homage.



Stuff of Nightmares Slay Ride #1 (Glow-in-the-Dark Frison Variant)


Stuff of Nightmares Slay Ride #1 (Glow-in-the-Dark Francavilla Variant)

As malls continue to die, a down-and-out former mall Santa named Heinrick Fiddler’s rage turns to madness, and he’s dead-set on making sure department store shopping isn’t the only thing that’s deceased.

Putting these on here for the glow-in-the-dark covers, but the story does sounds a bit wacky.


Just The Fax

Last week was a bit odd as there were no facsimiles or foils. But the Fax are back with a vengeance this week!


Adventure Comics #260 (Facsimile Edition)

Aquaman’s Silver Age origin. This classic issue also contains a never-before-reprinted Superboy story and a backup tale starring the Emerald Archer, Green Arrow.



Doom Patrol #99 (Facsimile Edition)

Beast Boy’s (Garfield Logan’s) first appearance. This issue also contains the Doom Patrol tale The Deadly Sting of the Bug Man.



Batman #5 (Facsimile Edition – Foil Variant)

Batman and Robin take on The Joker in “The Riddle of the Missing Card,” and features the first appearance of the remodeled Golden Age Batmobile. This one also comes in a foil.



Batman #404 (Facsimile Edition)

Sometimes I’m left scratching my head when it comes to the choices in facsimiles. I get this is a great story arc by Frank Miller, but it’s not like the book is that hard to come by. Reader copies probably can be had for the price of a facsimile. Still waiting for a fax of Detective 168, DC.



Wolverine #1 (Facsimile Edition – Foil Variant)

Not a book that needs a facsimile, but it does come in a foil. So I’ll give marvel a pass on this one…Release date is 12/27!


Judge These Books By Their Covers


Spider-Boy #1 (2nd Ptg JTC Variant)

I’m glad I didn’t go for the JTC variant on the first print. I’ve been liking the 2nd print variants of the negative space variants better than the 1st prints these days.



Issue #33 had a UV Spot Variant. Now #35 gets a slight variation. I assume this is also a “UV” spot variant?



Seems like this was added late, so not too many shops offering it. That includes TFAW at this time.



Don’t look now, but Lenticulars are making a comeback! At least DC’s last round of lenticulars actually worked (unlike Marvel). Beware, this one currently warns that orders may be allocated.

New Star Wars


A new high republic adventures series by Dark Horse. This is the beginning of Phase III (for DH). Likely will have new characters.


Dirty D’s Pick-of-the-Week


With all hope of resurrection gone, Moon Knight’s life hangs on the line along with Manhattan!

Last issue of this title. We know a new Moon Knight is coming (or maybe another personality of Marc Spector). What we don’t know is if he will make a 1st appearance at the end of this issue, or in the Vengeance of Moon Knight which follows this series. This cover has the character on the cover, though. Keep in mind the cover is being called a “foreshadow” variant. The Skottie Young variant also has the character on the cover.


Moon Knight #30 (Skottie Young Variant)


Honorable Mention

Speaking of Moon Knight #30 and a new character, the new Moon Knight title is also on FOC this week, even though it doesn’t come out until January 3rd (odd as that is). Cover A is dope, but there is also a Foil variant. So plan ahead!


Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1


Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1 (Foil Variant)


Parting Thoughts

That’s all folks! Have a great week!