Flash Season 2 Trailer features first look at Zoom

A new trailer for Flash Season 2 shows the classic character Professor Zoom. Check out the video after the jump: Continue reading “Flash Season 2 Trailer features first look at Zoom”

The Flash Rogue trailer

Every time I see the DC tv shows, I think of two things:
1. I wish Marvel would do “in costume” shows (Deathlok on Shield doesn’t really count.)
2. The Flash looks like he has a giant egg shaped head. Continue reading “The Flash Rogue trailer”

CW to add DC Legends of Tomorrow tv show to roster of comic book shows

CW announces they have officially ordered Flash/Arrow spin off tv show called Dc Legends of Tomorrow. Continue reading “CW to add DC Legends of Tomorrow tv show to roster of comic book shows”

Is Flashpoint coming to Flash TV show?

We mentioned the Killer Frost hints that came out of Wondercon. There was a little more to the discussion. Looks like the story line Flashpoint could be coming to the Flash TV show. Continue reading “Is Flashpoint coming to Flash TV show?”

Killer Frost Confirmed for Flash TV show

The Arrow and Flash TV shows have been a hotbed for speculation. Almost all first appearances of characters showing up on the shows have caused price spikes. Here is one to dig the bins for:
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Hawkgirl /Kendra Saunders cast

Thanks in part to Rick Dunn for part of the info:
Comicbook.com ran the story earlier in the week that Hawkgirl/Kendra Saunders has been cast as part of the Flash TV show. (I really need to start watching this and Arrow.)
From comicbook.com:

Hawkgirl will be one of the three mystery superheroes appearing in the forthcoming CW series that spins out of The Flash and Arrow, Deadline reports.
Ciara Renée, who just made her TV debut last year on Law & Order: SVU, has landed the role of Kendra Saunders, which the report characterizes as a lead.

The casting of Ciara Renee as Hawkgirl/Kendra Saunders has turned a $1 bin book into a $40+ book.
Since the March 30 casting announcement, copies of Kendra Saunders first appearance in JSA Secret Files #1(1999) have sold for $30-$40 on eBay. Currently there is only one Buy-it-Now for $51.99 and one auction starting at $25. According to Comichron, the book had estimated pre-orders of 32,728.
Time to start hunting the back issue bins.