Hunt The Shelves Part I – Books To Keep A Eye Out For

So over in the forums, we have a “Hunt the Shelves” topic that is also an editable wiki page so anyone can contribute of books to hunt for each week. You have to be a trusted member of level 2 or higher to view it (another perk to join the forum, join the discussions and gain trust, it’s free, we don’t charge people for information).

This is recent books or books in general that might be worthy for spec reasons, etc.

So I figured I’d post a few that made the list in the past few weeks which will give us a glimpse of what we were hunting for the past few weeks and where they stand now.

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Poyo’s FOC Highlight Book for 09/30/2019

This weeks final order cutoff highlight pick goes to one of the best teams ever for Marvel, at least in my opinion. The team that made someone like me who didn’t give Thor a second look an actual fan of Thor.

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