Hunt The Shelves Part I – Books To Keep A Eye Out For

So over in the forums, we have a “Hunt the Shelves” topic that is also an editable wiki page so anyone can contribute of books to hunt for each week. You have to be a trusted member of level 2 or higher to view it (another perk to join the forum, join the discussions and gain trust, it’s free, we don’t charge people for information).

This is recent books or books in general that might be worthy for spec reasons, etc.

So I figured I’d post a few that made the list in the past few weeks which will give us a glimpse of what we were hunting for the past few weeks and where they stand now.

First up was Venom #27. Dubbed as Codex first full appearance after he debuted in Venom #25. It’s got a lot of store exclusives and not a lot of heat on the secondary market.

The Stegman Cover B seems to sell for around $10 while the regular is just a few bucks over cover. This was heavily ordered, so it’s a long term hold I think if you find them out in the wild.

King Thor #1 2nd Printing is another book that you might not find at most shops as it wasn’t heavily ordered. Awesome second printing with cover art done by Ribic with Gorr, who created the character way back in Thor God of Thunder #2.

Selling anywhere from $25 to $60 in the past few weeks.

Darth Vader #1 and Darth Vader #2 are both seeing some love on the secondary market. Not gonna make you a millionaire but picking up a book for $4 to flip at $20 isn’t bad. These can still likely be found out in the wild. First appearance of ZED-6-7. Issue #2 is the first appearance of Sabe.

Good lucking finding Darth Vader #1 2nd printing. It’s a ghost and the issues I’ve seen listed on eBay vanish almost as fast as they appear.

Batman The Adventure Continues #2 introduced a new character that people were seeking out, Sunny. This might not be easy to find but there could still be a few out there in the wild. It’s I think one of those books if you find a few, flip to make your money back and then hold one or two for the long term hold.

Justice League Annual #1 is another book to keep an eye out for. Could be a book you also find in the dollar bins as a lot of people don’t buy Annuals as they’re usually just filler stories. I know my local shop usually ends up dumping all the Annuals into their dollar or half price bins after about 4-6 months of release.

This one is the first appearance of Perpetua, which Batman Who Laughs slash Darkest Knight keeps mentioning in the Dark Nights Death Metal series and story line. She’s coming and could prove to be a prominent player in the future of DC stories.

Perpetua also had a very small and brief cameo that predates the Annual in Justice League #8, which had that Joker cover that saw some slight love for a brief moment. I know you can still find these out in the wild, as they’re still available at Midtown for Cover A. Could see some love if Perpetua does indeed to invade DC heroes universe.

We got a bigger list that’s been updated over time but for now, those are some of the books that stand out for now.

Hopefully as the list is updated, we’ll continue to share this here for all.

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