Invincible Reboot and over 20 other new Image books announced

Getting ready for the big three day weekend which will get me out of “workplace hell” for the next couple of days. Will try to stay up on things this weekend between jet skiing with my older boy. And Beer, lots of beer.


Anyway, Image announced a bunch of new titles at Image Expo. Here is the list:

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Image Expo News

Looks like we will finally find out what really is #whatsnext.; has a bunch of stories about the news coming out of Image Expo which is being held today. The biggest news is that ‘The Walking Dead’ is going bi-weekly for seven months for the upcoming story line ‘All Out War.’ The bi-monthly shipping starts in October with issue 115.

Other highlights include ‘Velvet’ from Steve Epting and Ed Brubaker (Death of Captain America and Winter Soldier story lines.) ‘Alone’ by J. Michael Straczynski and Bill Sienkeiwicz. He will also be doing ‘Dream Police’ with Mike Deodato and ‘Lost Souls’ with Colleen Doran.

Mark Millar announced a new book titled ‘MPH’. It states that he is looking to do a unified super-hero line for Image.