New Mutants Movie team lineup released

Since the announcement there would be a New Mutants film, there has been discussion on which characters would make it into the film. The wait is over as the team lineup has been announced.  Continue reading “New Mutants Movie team lineup released”

New Mutants Movie Spec And Keys

I know the New Mutants movie announcement was made a while ago and I’m sure the speculation around it has been discussed but I caught a blurb online the other day that got me thinking about it again.
So after seeing the post with possible concept art for X-Force, I decided to scour Wikipedia for a couple hours and come up with a list of New Mutants first appearances that may help people make some spec choices leading up to the film. Continue reading “New Mutants Movie Spec And Keys”

New Mutants Movie Offical at Fox

According to CBR, 20th Century Fox has signed Josh Boone to write and direct the New Mutants movie. 20th Century Fox is looking to expand their X-Universe, as this seems to be the one Franchise they have done ok with.
Continue reading “New Mutants Movie Offical at Fox”