Variant Envy: Carnage #1 Phantom Variant


Larry from Larry’s Comics has been putting out the Phantom Variants for a while now, they can be picked up in around 30 stores nation wide. He had released a series of Amazing Spiderman #300 homage variants that did well. He took a break from them but is still doing them on a limited basis, for only certain books. One that makes sense is Carnage #1. Continue reading “Variant Envy: Carnage #1 Phantom Variant”

Phantom Variant Mock Up for Archie #1

I got an email from Larry, head honcho of Larry’s Comics and the Phantom Variant group. He was referencing the Archie #1 ASM 300 Homage cover we ran the other night. Continue reading “Phantom Variant Mock Up for Archie #1”