Walking Dead #156 Spoilers

Walking Dead 156 is lining up to be the best issue in a while. Haven’t seen good action since Alpha cut off the heads of a bunch of survivors. There has been a lot of talk about something big, extreme, happening this issue. Trust me, Walking Dead 156 has it.
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Captain America #2 Spoilers

So was it a dream? Is it an What if? story? A clone? What caused Cap to join Hydra?
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Spoilers: Uncanny Inhumans #11

Feel asleep early last night, but got the spoilers in all the same. Running these today in preparation of release.  Continue reading “Spoilers: Uncanny Inhumans #11”

Detective Comics #935 Spoilers

Have you been wondering how Clayface was going to fit in to the new Bat-team. Detective 935 gives us some answers. If you can’t wait for tomorrow, here are the spoilers for the issue.
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Spoilers: Batman #1

Batman #1 is a big book this week. Not only was it sold out at Diamond, rumor has it Diamond oversold DC’s over print and reordered copies might get allocated, so stores might not get all the copies they ordered. Now I am sure there will be a ton of copies available, but just not as many for shops who tried to up their orders. Anyway, Spoilers ahead. Do not read unless you want to know early. Continue reading “Spoilers: Batman #1”

Spoilers: Superman 1

Superman #1 is the other big DC release this week. The full era of Rebirth is upon us and it is doing well. Here are the spoilers for Superman #1 out tomorrow. Only read ahead if you are unphased by spoilers.  Continue reading “Spoilers: Superman 1”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #59 Spoilers

Last time there was a “death” in TMNT it caught a lot of retailers by surprise. Chances are this one will as well. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #59 is definitely one to watch this Wednesday.
Spoilers ahead.
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Amazing Spider-Man #1 Spoilers

If you were on the fence about getting Amazing Spider-Man #1 or just wanted to see what is new, well here is your chance. This post contains heavy spoilers so be warned.
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