Think Tank and Postal Media Deals?

Are Think Tank and Postal up for media deals. Looks that way. There was a post on Matt Hawkins Facebook site that can be seen after the jump. Continue reading “Think Tank and Postal Media Deals?”

Think Tank #1 2nd print, print run. Way lower than you would think

Matt Hawkins, writer of Think Tank responded to a question on the Cgc boards about the print run of Think Tank number 1 2nd print and it’s low, very low. Continue reading “Think Tank #1 2nd print, print run. Way lower than you would think”

Think Tank Movie Confirmed at Sdcc

We kind of saw this one coming, in fact we reported on it back on June 20th, but it has been confirmed that Think Tank is heading to the big screen. Prices are sure to jump on this already hot book. Continue reading “Think Tank Movie Confirmed at Sdcc”

‘Think Tank’ Movie in development.

Thanks to Schwaeger for bringing this to my attention yesterday on our Facebook Site.

Rumors are going around the message boards that the fan favorite comic ‘Think Tank’ by Matt Hawkins had been optioned for a movie deal. Now Bleeding Cool is echoing the rumor as well.

Maybe an announcement will come at Image Expo on July 2nd.

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