Intel to adapt Wild Blue Yonder into a RealSense 3D video game.*

Well it’s not the movie I got rumor of a long time ago but at least it is something, Wild Blue Yonder being adapted as a video game.  Continue reading “Intel to adapt Wild Blue Yonder into a RealSense 3D video game.*” Artist Spotlight Interview: Zach Howard

Welcome to the latest edition of our Artist Spotlight, where you’ll have a chance to get to know our talented artists a little bit more in depth. Our artist spotlight is shining this month on…Zach Howard! Continue reading “ Artist Spotlight Interview: Zach Howard”

Wild Blue Yonder #2 sells out tiny print run

We had previously mentioned Wild Blue Yonder #1 from IDW had sold out. It is a fantastic new creator owned book that deals with a post-apocalyptic world where the people have moved to the skys and are living on air craft. The bad guys are searching for a legendary air ship called the Wild Blue Yonder which runs without gas.

Now, issue number 2 has sold out at the distributor level two weeks before it’s release. The print run is a measly 5,350 issues, way less than the first issue. This could be the book to pick up when it is released.
Wild Blue Yonder #1 (Regular Cover)