Patsy Walker Hellcat joining AKA Jessica Jones

The Netfix show is quickly shaping up its cast before the launch this year. Actress Rachel Taylor will be joining the cast as Patsy Walker, also known as, Hellcat. rachel taylor Continue reading

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Marvel and Funko Launch Marvel Subscription Box

From Marvel has partnered with Funko to release Loot Crate style mystery boxes via subscription.54b7dd6cb689c Continue reading

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Is the Grey Hulk coming to Avengers Age of Ultron?

Mel the Movie Guy sent me over this pic a week ago. He said he thinks Grey Hulk would be in Ultron. I said, it could be like the Iron Man in Guardians thing, based on the toy line. (Bleeding Cool had reported Iron Man was in Guardians and it turned out to be a big bust)
unnamed (2). Well Kudo’s to Mel because spec looks like he could be right. Continue reading

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Signed Enormous Prints coming to

I have been offering up the variants. They have been selling well. I will be receiving Tim Daniel signed prints featuring black and white versions of the covers to issues 7,8, and 9. Check them out below. Continue reading

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February Loot Crate theme

I have been loving Loot Crate. They have been packed full of things that are just fun. My son is wearing around the Space Invaders skinny tie and 8-bit sunglasses. I of course got the Star Wars comic and Voltron T-Shirt as well as the Nintendo style figure in my shelf at work.

Anyway, the February Loot Crate theme has been announced. See it below:
Continue reading

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Dr. Who’s David Tennant cast as Purple Man in AKA Jessica Jones

I will be joining Netflix (again) soon. Marvel will soon dominate the paid streaming market with their slate of TV shows coming to the service. AKA Jessica Jones looks to be fleshing out nicely. The latest casting news is David Tennant, who played Dr. Who, will play the villainous Kilgrave, aka the Purple Man.

david-tennant-official-2012-243x317 Continue reading

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SOLD OUT New #1 Comics for January 28 2015

Article by comic book historian Terry Hoknes of
This article is immensely useful in determining what retailers have under ordered and what is going to sell out fast.
This column is here to help promote every new comic book series debuting this week.
Pictured are the 3 new series that are selling out the fastest at Diamond !

unnamed (1)
This weekly article shows how popular the titles are and how close they are to selling out at Diamond.
This will give retailers and collectors a heads up with a reminder of books you want to make sure you get immediately!!
Sometimes books don’t sell out immediately so its worth taking a look back at series that came out in the past few months !
Comics can sell out very quickly so some titles on this list will be more valuable instantly the day of release !
Keep in mind that with 1500 comic stores if even just 20% of stores re-ordered just 1 copy each that would be 300 more copies sold instantly so a book can easily sell out within minutes if the book gets some buzz and/or good response from readers!
So many comics on the list that still have copies left are going to eventually all sell out.
Diamond data of copies still available listed below compiled the week BEFORE release date! Continue reading

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