Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems

Blind Adam us a comic book dealer in New York and New Jersey, and yes, he is blind. He has been contributing a fun list of hidden gems each week.

What’s up CHU, it’s your boy Blind Adam back again. I want to say thank you all for reading.¬†Thank you all for the feedback. Now let’s look at some books.
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Diamond Comics Advance Reorder List for 2/7/16


The Diamond Comics Advance Reorder List is a great speculator tool. It shows what books retailers are going back to get more of, in advance of their release. They are actually putting their money up betting these books get big. These are the books people are talking about in shops, message boards, and websites. Here is the Diamond Comics Advance for 2/7/16:
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Very Rare Spread Convention Set going for crazy low price

I keep an eye out on Spread books. I have every one but the Black and White Convention Art book. I have over extended myself and the set has priced itself out of my remaining ebay funds, but it is still a crazy low price. Continue reading

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Power Rangers 0 2nd Print sold out and going back for a 3rd

This is one you will need to get the running shoes on for friends. Power Rangers 0 2nd print is sold out already. It does not come out until 2/17/16. Trust me on this, the second print cover is going to be very desirable. Continue reading

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Wednesday Winner: Detective Comics #49 Neal Adams Variant

It is nice to walk into the comic shop each Wednesday and pick up your books. It is even nicer when the books you pick up on Wednesday are worth multiple times cover price a few days later. Detective Comics #49 Neal Adams Variant is one of those books. Continue reading

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Variant Envy: Escape From Monster Island #1 Cosplay Variant

I know there is a big market for them, but I usually stay away from Zenescope books. Just not interested. I was surprised this week when I picked up Escape from Monster Island #1 and flipped through it. It looked good enough and was horror related so I picked up a copy. I was surprised that the story was good, as was the art, but was really surprised that it was a Zenescope book. Knowing that they usually have low print run numbers I looked at what other covers were out there and came across the Cosplay Variant. Check it out: Continue reading

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Sneak Peek at Heroes: Godsend #1 

Titans released a sneak peek preview of Heroes Godsend #1. Based of the Heroes TV show. 
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Don’t forget, Larime and Sylv Taylor fundraising auction still going on

Hey friends, still plenty of time to bid on the awesome auctions we have going on to help Larime Taylor pay for his wife Sylv’s chemotherapy. Also still time to donate to Larime’s GOFUNDME fundraiser. See the firts round of items we have up: Continue reading

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Three New Deadpool Trailers Show New Footage

Just days away from the start of Deadpool and with it we are getting new trailers. The ones we have been seeing lately have been recuts of previous footage. The three new ones just released show some additional footage:  Continue reading

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Variant Envy: Enormous #11 Hoknes Variants

I have been really big fan of Enormous. It is one of the books that I think is so good that I have become a completest on it. Yup, I grab every cover and every variant (this is hard because of the NYCC variant from 2014 being so rare and expensive, but I have that too.) Anyway, HoknesUSA has two fantastic covers that are must pick ups for Enormous Fans. Continue reading

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