Natali Sanders Covers Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special

Our friends over at Comic Market Street has locked in the wonderfully talented Natali Sanders for her first DC exclusive, Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1. Continue reading

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Alana’s Weekend Specs: There’s a spider in my villains.

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs!!! Small write up this week as not much has been happening for TV/Movie related specs. I’ve had this written for a couple weeks now just waiting for something new to add, but nothing new even from Defenders except a small hint at Daredevil season 3 villain possibly. So let’s jump in! Continue reading

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New Comic Spec Review Video for 8/23/27

Anthony from and Terry Hoknes from host a weekly video discussion where they talk about the hot new comics of the week. Here is this week’s for delivery on 8/23/17: Continue reading

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Winner: Stabbity Bunny #1 Self Published CBCS 9.8 Giveaway

So we finally caught up with Richard Rivera to do the drawing for the 9.8 CBCS Signed Stabbity Bunny #1. All you had to do was come up with a name for Stabbity’s little girl’s puppy.

The name had to be good and the breed had to be drawable, because, the winner’s dog name and breed are going into the book in a later issue. Yup, not only does the winner get a sweet slabbed book, but gets to create a character for the book. So, on to the winner! Continue reading

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Diamond Comics Advance Reorder List for 8/20/17


The Diamond Comics Advance Reorder List is a great speculator tool. It shows what books retailers are going back to get more of, in advance of their release. They are actually putting their money up betting these books get big. These are the books people are talking about in shops, message boards, and websites. Here is the Diamond Comics Advance for 8/20/17: Continue reading

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August 2017 Comic Mystery Box Unboxing

I have really been enjoying the Comic Mystery Boxes from They are 15 comics including a variant and a featured book for $28 shipped. They are a great deal for readers, people who want to try out new series, and collectors. Check out what I got this month:
Continue reading

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Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 59

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. As always, I want to take a moment to say hank you. all for the friendship, encouragement, advice, support and love. Thank you Tony for allowing me to  write for the site, its an amazing sandbox. I love you
guys and your one of the greatest blessings in my life.

Deadpool vs Punisher, Nightwing #26 &  The Champions #11 were my reads of the week. Rick and Morty Pickle Rick was the best cartoon of 2017.

Anyway, on to the comics Continue reading

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Greg Horn Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Set Up for Pre-sale Today

The Harley Quinn Greg Horn variant covers are going up for sale today at 11 am. We finally got all the info on them. Continue reading

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EVOLUTION—An unpredictable, thought-provoking new horror series

Image/Skybound Entertainment unites writers James Asmus, Joseph Keatinge, Christopher Sebela, and Joshua Williamson with artists Joe Infurnari and Jordan Boyd to create a new global phenomenon in EVOLUTION. The new series is set to launch with an oversized debut issue this November.  Continue reading

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Aspen Comics Dark Nights Metal Suffers 25-50% Damage, Cuts Print Run

While Dark Nights Metal #1 was a success from a story angle, people have been noticing that copies of the books came into stores in less than stellar condition. This was across, what seems like, the entire print run. Aspen Comics had offered up a three cover set, but looks like they didn’t escape the damages.  Continue reading

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