Marvel’s Infinity #1 sells out at distributor level

Marvel was very proud to announce that Infinity #1 sold out at the distributor level. Selling out through Diamond Comics does not mean you will not be able to get this book in your local comic shop, but when there stock is gone, it’s gone.

Infinity #1 is going back for a second printing. The initial print run, including over printing was 250,000 copies. At $5 a pop, Marvel will surely dominate market share dollars this month.


I have the sweet Third Eye Variants in hand at $14.99 each shipped for readers of the site. Email me at or hit us up on our Facebook page, discounts for multiple copies available.

7 thoughts on “Marvel’s Infinity #1 sells out at distributor level”

  1. Not sure about that one, but “Infinity” had a whopping 250,000 print run. :-o…. and it still sold out….

    Unless you get a variant, I’m not seeing any value in the after market after the initial week. I could be wrong though.

    1. Agreed, kind of. Amazing Spider-man 700 sold more than 300,000 copies of its first printing and that is a solid $20 book now. Not saying this is ASM 700, just it does still happen with large print runs.

  2. The other variants take a little math. 250,000 copies sold. If it is a 1 in 10 variant then you are looking at 25,000 copies. 1 in 25 variants would be 10,000 copies. Variants almost always perform better than regular issues.

    1. Yeah, this book is saturated with variants.

      Cover A Regular Adam Kubert Cover
      Cover B Variant Skottie young Baby Variant
      Cover C Blank Cover Variant
      Cover D Variant Party Cover
      Cover E (incentive) Marko Djurdevic
      Cover F (incentive) In-Hyuk Lee Generals
      Cover G (incentive) Jerome Opna Design
      Cover H (incentive) Arthur Adams hero Color
      Cover I (incentive) Arthur Adams hero Sketch
      Cover J (incentive) Party Sketch Variant
      Cover K Midtown Exclusive Variant
      Cover L DF Exclusive Mark Brooks Variant
      Cover M Thirdeye Variant
      Cover X The Endless Variant that continues (haha)

      and the list continues… So many different covers for this EPIC event… The difference is in the print runs. As comicflipper said, Incentives are the ratio. 1:X. If you can find an incentive cover at cover price, grab it. If you find a variant at cover price, it maybe worth grabbing too (Thirdeye variants) usually sell well. The Incentive Party Sketch is rare and goes for high. And of course, there’s a difference between variant covers and incentive covers…

      As for variant covers listed, at times, I go by preference and availability because it’s all confusing. It’s like hunting for beenie babies. Fun, but gotta be careful of the aggressive marketing schemes. Lots of these covers aren’t offered in the stores and if a completionist sees it, you maybe able to flip it for a small profit. However, there’s no guarantee that these covers retain their value. So I’m always weary unless I know something will mature for sure. That’s why I don’t get too hyped. Dynamite and Avatar are independent publishers that are notorious for their multiple covers. Uber #0 anyone? Uber #0 enhanced is still publishing new covers while Uber #5 is still hitting shelves… I like to keep things simple with 1 or 2 covers. Anyways, my 2 cents. I’m sure some people may feel different on this one. It’s variant/incentive city up in here :-).

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