Voice in the Dark Kickstarter edition

There has been a bunch of talk in our comment section about Kickstarter books. Especially after the success of Wild Blue Yonder, Watson and Holmes, and now Outliers. Here is one that is being released Top Cow in November.
Voices in the Dark by Larime Taylor is set to be released by Top Cow in November. Top Cow is the home of the uber popular Think Tank. Here is the description blurb from the creators website:

Some people become killers.

Zoey was born that way.

Ever since she can remember, Zoey Aarons has felt the urge to kill. For eighteen years she resisted those urges and fought to be someone better than her base instincts would allow. In a moment of weakness and anger, however, she let go and took a life. That hazy Seattle summer day still haunts her, and as she begins college far away from home, she’s afraid that she will kill again.

She’s right to be afraid.

Instead of leaving that fateful day behind her and starting a new life as a college freshman, Zoey’s about to be tested and face temptation in ways far greater than she could ever imagine. The prestigious women’s college that she’s attending on a full academic scholarship is in Cutter’s Circle, California, and Cutter’s Circle has a dirty little secret: it has the highest population of serial killers in the country. The town is up to its proverbial severed head in murderers”

Larime Taylor’s art style is reminiscent of Terry Moore. The thing that really sets the artist apart is he is disabled. He draws with his mouth on a tablet.

He is offering Limited Edition Kickstarter TPB’s for $10, signed for $15, or sketched for $25. The first 100 orders gets a free print created for SDCC. You can check out this book at http://larimetaylor.com/

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