‘Outliers’ Creator Erik T. Johnson answers questions for Comicsheatingup.net

I have been working hard to get print run information about Outliers #1, last weeks smash sell out indy book. It flew off the shelves everywhere. Erik was kind enough to answer a few of my questions. So without further ado, a few words From Erik T. Johnson the creator of Outliers. 


Hi , thanks for the kind words and coverage! 

I have to say that Alternative comics and I were happily caught off guard by both the preview orders and the attention The Outliers has gotten (we had plenty of stock for fulfilling our initial high estimate, but the orders came in almost double, cleaning us out).
Right now we are directing readers to digital versions of the book.
Regarding reprints or the next steps, I don’t have much to say right now. I’m thrilled by last week’s reception and I have much more story to tell, but I am waiting for the dust to settle a little before we can gage. The Outliers and all it’s Kickstarter components represented a few years of work prior hitting the comic stores at a basically subsidized cover-price, so it introduces a balance of production and distribution issues we’ll need to explore before making any announcements!
Thanks again, Erik

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  1. It looks like issue #2 to print will be the priority. This could be it folks…if you have a print…may want to hold it…or flip it for a ridiculous amount now. Very good news. Thanks Comic Flipper!

      1. It was a rather evasive response, but I give him credit for addressing the inquiry. I can understand why he’s probably protective of that information given that he self published. I would assume he wouldn’t invest in a second print, but it seems he had intention to advancing the stories and he made sales…so, I’d assume we can expect another issue. However, the timing of release is unknown. I can be completely wrong though, just judging by vague info. My 2 cents.

  2. I’ve talked to Erik T Johnson Via online, this what he had to say.

    “Erik T Johnson Illustrator

    Thanks for the kind words, Prophecy! – I will draw your request. This has been a really terrific and surprising reception (after several years of work including the kickstarter, which made the high level of production possible). I hope to have a better idea of how the next book will proceed, but I’m not sure there will be a subscription component (except maybe on comixology). I will definitely put word out if there is another kickstarter or other news.

  3. This is from Erik T Johnson’s page, this is print run on The Outliers #1. He put this post out for the public. Many people were asking him on how many were Printed. These are his words.

    THE OUTLIERS > august 21, 2013 >
    originally produced through a kickstarter grant in a print run of an estimated 1600-1800 copies, the rest of this edition has now been distributed throughout the us and canada via ALTERNATIVE COMICS – please support your local comics shop and buy one at the very friendly $5 cover price.

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