Outliers #1 print run

Good new folks I have the news you wanted to hear. Erik T. Johnson just e-mailed me back with the print run of Outliers #1.

To quote from him and his website, the book which “was originally produced through a kickstarter grant”  has a “print run of an estimated 1600-1800 copies.” 


Wow, I am sad I sold even one of my copies now.

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      1. Check out video on you tube. Thank you for all support comicflipper on comicheatingup. My hat goes of to all the supporters. I have 9 views so far

        The Outliers #1 Erik T Johnson

        •13 hours ago

        Very well put together Comic book here

  1. OMG! Good digging guys! UNDER 2000 COPIES…THAT’S SICK!!!!!!!!!!

    I am soooooo p’eed right now that I was on holiday for 2 weeks in Portugal and practically missed out on Outliers #1.

    To rub salt in my wound, my supplier that secured THE LAST 3 DIAMOND UK copies of this book for me emailed me earlier and said that Diamond UK made an ‘OVERSIGHT’ and those 3 books were reserved for another retailer……..WHATTTTTTTTTTTT??? But my supplier told me that he ‘MAY’ still be able to get the copies for me…it’s a wait and see situation!!!!!!!

    Ah man, as it stands right now, I have 0 copies of Outliers #1!!!!!!! THIS WON’T DO FOLKS!!!!!!!

    Time to break out the heavy artillery to find copies of this book!

    I’ll let you guys know how I get on…


  2. Sold all of mine but just received the signed one! Wish I had just bought more of those… the copy has a sweet original sketch on the 1st page. Not sure to sell this one for $$ or sit on it.

    1. I didn’t order the signed one even though I had written about it. Sad really as I was shuffling money to order it and you guys turned out in bigger drives than I thought you would to order it.

  3. I don’t have any copies. But let me give you some advice anyone who cares. Anyone who only has a few copies since this seems to be a very limited print run. Lets say you only have 3 or less, just hold onto them then. I’m saying this because if you have a small amount and you’re looking to sell for 25-50$ max you’re going to make is a small profit. If you loaded 10+ copies and you want to flip for some cash that is different.
    So if you only have a few copies, just keep it. You can make 25-50$ profit elsewhere. While keeping a small print run of a unique comic for the future.

  4. I held on to all my copies…with a few more still to ship. Can’t wait to see what happens to the copies currently on eBay that are due to end over the next few days

  5. I’d sit on it and appreciate it for what it is. It may feel great making your $30-$40 now…but believe me…it hurts even more if you find out in 2 years this book is desired at $400.00.

    Not to say that will happen, but I rather lose a $40.00 profit opportunity at the moment.

    I know people that held the walking dead #1 first print back in 2003 and passed on it. I know people that sold it right before AMC hit for $100.00 thinking they were awesome. Yeah…see what kind of therapy remorse they are in now knowing the book is worth thousands.

    But who cares. I honestly don’t know what to do, so I’m going to do nothing and risk some profits. Support the writer and hope for the next installment. $5.00 🙂

    1. I agree with you. I sell comics for three reasons. 1. To make extra money for my family. 2. To get money to buy more comics without effecting my family budget. 3. Because I have 40-50,000 comics in my collection that I occasionally thin out. Right now I thinking out marvel books from the past couple if years. Been blowing out some Deadpool stuff I am no longer into.

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  6. You guys are so right. People should hold on to them. 1- It is a FANTASTIC STORY 2- The Art work is Beautiful 3- It is a small print run. Like I said before, thank you guys for YOUR KNOWLEGDE.

  7. I talked to Erik Johnson, this is what he had to say.

    Erik T Johnson Illustrator

    Thanks for the kind words, Prophecy! – I will draw your request. This has been a really terrific and surprising reception (after several years of work including the kickstarter, which made the high level of production possible). I hope to have a better idea of how the next book will proceed, but I’m not sure there will be a subscription component (except maybe on comixology). I will definitely put word out if there is another kickstarter or other news.

  8. Talking with Erik Johnson.—

    Erik T Johnson Illustrator

    Hello Prophecy –

    I had to change to a 1-per customer this morning because I was getting 5-10 requests and my intention was to get them directly to individuals like yourself! (Plus I sold almost all of this lot last night).

    Thanks for your order. I usually draw the Sasquatch in the trees unless you have a request.

    It will ship next week. Erik

  9. I just received all 3 of mine ordered from Midtown and I’m happy to say all 3 came in NM/M condition. I was gonna sell two of them but now I think I will wait. I can spare $10 spent if these end up over $100 or more in the future. Now, to go read it.. 🙂

  10. I was the one who originally hyped this book up and got it hot on ebay and I am now sold out of the 10 I ordered originally. Just to let you all know that I requested the last copies from Diamond before they sold out. But I havent got confirmation yet if I am getting them. I will know in 7 days from now if they make my next invoice.

    1. What’s that old saying.. advertising is best by word of mouth? Even with the millions poured into marketing nowadays, it’s still word of mouth that is the most effective in my opinion. 😉

      1. Unless you’re trying to pump an OTCBB. But that is another story for another time. lol

      1. Like comicflipper said. Great buy! I’m pleased hear that you was able to get a copy of The Outliers #1

  11. Just contacted Larry’s Comics in MA. I was told they have plenty of copies left. Unfortunately for me I am in Southern California and Larry’s doesn’t ship. But I thought I could pass the info along in case any of you are in the Lowell, MA area.

    1. All the way in Massachsettes ? Damn that’s to far for me. He doesn’t ship? Who is Larry? Is it a store? Or a Person that just sells comics?

    2. I looked up that larry dude. He has a page online. On his page he sells comics and he ships. Even to other countries. I called a few times and all I got was a voice message to leave a message.

      1. @ prophecy75…I also noticed that he has some things available online to order and ship (not alot, but some). So i find it kinda weird that they cant ship me something.

    3. Prophecy, I am going to have to ask you to stop posting the same link to your YouTube video multiple times. I have had to delete it about 10 times already. 1 link is enough, please.

          1. Thank you comicflipper. If it wasn’t for guys like who definitely have more knowledge than me on the comic book scene I would be mostly in the dark. Thank you once again.

            1. It’s all good. This is just the start of the season…now that conventional season is over….the fall is going to be heavy…each week is a new game…

              1. still have Baltimore Con (sorry), but fall is coming and the heat is on compared to earlier in the summer.

                (UPDATE): I sold a couple of Skyward #1s for $44.95 each upon release. Now, I can’t even sell Skyward #1 for $9.95. Nobody bid on my auctions. It just shows you how fast the flipping business can be. Timing is everything. There will be plenty of other hot books and opportunities to come though :-).

                1. Yup, most Outliers #1 seem to be going for about $35-$45 so far on eBay. In two weeks they could be all be $10 or less.. Low print + Demand = Profit but Low Print – Demand = Retail Prices.

                  Predicting the future on a comic books price would be like predicting the exact day the sun is going to explode, which is nearly impossible.

                2. True on that Drewbentley. The buzz that it is for now, Who knows. I’m keeping mine just incase. I seen it on ebay fro crazy prices! In a matter of two weeks. Not even the New 52 are getting that type of buzz. Since The Outliers #1 did so good, he might additional funding for a follow up. But what do know.
                  I know I’m hungry though.

                3. Let’s see, if the print run was indeed at 1800 total at retail price of $5 each, that’s only $9,000.00. I’m not sure what other costs or how much it cost to print each book but I’d imagine a smaller print run like this would be anywhere between $1-$2 per book.

                  So to be conservative, if say his total costs for each book cost $2 out of the $5 retail price, that’d net a profit of $5,400.00 which is really not that much when you break it down. Of course this is all guesstimates.

                4. You are forgetting the book was subsidized by a kickstarter grant which would have paid a majority of production costs. Therefore his profit was likely higher. A lot of Indy books are not put out for the money.

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                5. Ah true, so if the Kickstarter picked up all other costs to produce the book then we’re looking at about 9k in profits from actual sales, if they’re around 1800 in printed sales.

                6. If I had learned about it before it was released, I likely would have contributed. It’s a really interesting read and I really enjoy the artwork.

                7. Drew you are correct. Word getting out has helped the book. Look at old Indy books like THB originally low print and low demand. Then Paul Pope for bigger and the price shot up. Not TMNT but hard to come by.

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  12. The Outliers #1 for $120 on ebay! damn that’s crazy. now you the is in high demand. hold on to them guys. You never know.

    1. Thats my listing Prophecy75 I know it high but I am just thowing that number out there. It is a sweet sketch. If I don’t sell it no big deal I will keep it. Im the only one on ebay selling Outliers with Sketch

  13. @matthew it does sound real suspect to me. O well. Have you tried to call the comic book shop?

  14. I just called Larry’s just now and got threw. Employee told me they don’t have anymore in stock. Hope this helps guys.

  15. Folks, I’ve just called Larry’s Comics (larryscomics.net), and spoke to Larry himself. He told me that they DO NOT HAVE ANY COPIES OF OUTLIERS #1 AND THEY NEVER HAD ANY COPIES! I’m crushed, but that is from lARRY himself!

    My search goes on!


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