Comic Book picks of the week for 9/25/13

This is a big week for books. One of the year’s biggest and most anticipated books drops this week. That book, of course, is the 3d cover featuring Joker’s Daughter. The character that first appeared in Batman Family #6 or Catwoman #23 depending on who is under that mask. Needless to say get a 3d copy and flip it. Get a 2d copy and read it. Or get which ever and do what ever with it. It is going to be big and has already been going for crazy money. But besides Joker’s darling daughter, there are a bunch of other books you shouldn’t miss out on cause they look like the could heat up.

1. The Other Dead #1- From IDW comes a different type of horror story, one featuring reanimated animals. Kevin Eastman of TMNT fame writes. This book was hot a couple of weeks ago when it was supposed to come out on September 11th. Then it was delayed, some say due to Obama on one of the covers toting a gun, others say due to spraying the books for moths. A quick check of the big on-line retailers have the book listed as out of stock in many of them.

2. Rat Queens #1– New book from Kurtis J. Wiebe, the creator of Peter Panzerfaust. A darkly comedic fantasy series starring Hannah the Rockabilly Elven Mage, Violet the Hipster Dwarven Fighter, Dee the Atheist Human Cleric and Betty the Hippy Hobbit Thief. Think Tank Girl meets Lord of the Rings. Or think Skullkickers with an all female cast. This has been getting great reviews online and Kurtis is a world class nice guy.

3. Sex Criminals #1– New Image book by Matt Fraction. Described as a romantic comedy for comic books. I like Fractions work and a story about a woman who can stop time while she is having sex gets the 13 year old boy in me interested in the book just by the name.

4. Saga #14 Cannot get enough of this book. Considering all the awards Brain K Vaughn and Fiona Staples have won for this series, it will continue to pick up new readers.

Those are my top four pick ups for the week. Also dropping this week are East of West #6 which keeps getting better, The Wake #4 a must buy after last issue’s big reveal, and Todd the Ugliest Kid #5. Yeah, Joker’s daughter is where to start this week, but when I get to the end of the stack, with all these great books, it will only end with no money in my wallet.

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  1. NICE, CL…NICE!!!!!!

    I wonder how many retailers will actually give up on DC after this 3D COVER debacle?

    It has been an interesting month for comics!!!!!!!


  2. just got a an email update from one of the online shops saying that the Obama covers were now available. I opened the email almost as soon as it hit my inbox and then immediately clicked the link to purchase the book…sold out!

  3. Hey specs….be weary of the joker’s daughter as more than likely


    It will be Stephanie Brown or some ish. I’m just putting it out there in case some of you plan to hold. It’s prolly best to flip immediately as this story continues to develop. If you don’t get one tomorrow, there should be more available soon. – CL

    1. I had been calling around locally to see what the allocations are like tomorrow for JD and everyone seems to be around 10 or less 3d And some even less on the 2d covers, one store is getting 5 2d books and 11 3d. All stores are filling what they can, but really If someone bought and payed early for 5 books then its a lost cause for some and being that they are sold out online The luck of finding one in stores is very slim. Hope everyone gets a copy because I know I wont.

      1. Im really glad this is over to be honest.
        Tomorrow will be the last of sholder to sholder shelf grabbing and seeing people who could care less about comic books flooding into my LCBS asking the owner dumb questions about ebay sales. Its been fun though, but really, this is what hurts SPECULATORS like us.

  4. Yes I actually didnt enjoy all this – it reminded me of the worst part of speculating and how it doesnt help improve the comics industry. We speculators have a bad rap for 20 years now and yes this does feel like gimmick marketing and nobody is buying these comics because they think they are good long term investments. Do I think they are? No I dont either ! Its simple supply and demand – these comics have received so much hype that people online are panicking to get their copy. Never makes sense to me as obviously once the hype cools it will be easy to buy these online for LESS money. I don’t understand why somebody would even pay $130.00 for the Jokers Daughter cover. But there have been so many hot items over the years that I didn’t understand either. Don’t even get me started on people paying multiples of cover for cgc 9.8 books on books that are still worth cover.

  5. IMAGE comics – every #1 issue stills get a lot of hype yet can you name me any new image series in the last 5 months that gained in value and held. I think people need to stop speculating on Image for a while – take a break – let the print runs drop back down on future series and then they will have a chance. The good news is that sales print runs have already dropped a ton since their peak in April – but they need to fall further before we have shortages on print runs to make them go up in value.

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