Miracleman returns in 2014

I have been off for the Columbus day holiday this past weekend and spent some time with the family. Didn’t get to do much of my weekend writing so I am trying to catch up. I was not in New York this weekend but kept up on the news coming out of NYCC. The news I was most excited to hear is that Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman’s seminal work, Miracle Man would be returning to print and Neil Gaiman would finally be finishing his story line.

So what does that mean for speculators? Well, if you are like me, you have been amassing copies of this book for years as the prices have been fairly low on most issues. New editions will be released by Marvel, including the conclusion to Gaiman’s storyline ‘The Golden Age’ after 30 years. With the new editions of this long out of print book being released I can only imagine that new fans would want to collect the original stories as presented in either the Warrior Magazines, which also contained ‘From Hell’ and ‘V for Vendetta’, or in the classic Eclipse comics format. Now the books have been reprinted in trade format years ago, however, the trades for for several hundreds of dollars a piece. The single issues are out there and can be had cheap,such as Miracleman #1 (Miracleman) for under $5.
MIRACLEMAN #2 can be had for around $6. Some of the later issues can be pricey, but they are definitely worth reading as these are some of the best books put out by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman.

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    1. Two schools of thought on this one. One is the new prints would affect the price of the originals because people would just buy the reprints as opposed to searching out the older ones. The other being people are completists and would want the originals to go with the reprints. It’s strange as the original Warrior issues can be had cheaply. The Eclipse series can also be found at (mostly) inexpensive prices. But the Graphic Novel reprints are crazy expensive.

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