New series in 2014 that will stir interest in Back Issues

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Some big comic book news events announced for 2014.
Interest in back issues will likely grow for related titles.

Marvel is starting a bunch of new Avengers titles in 2014
Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman’s Miracleman is going to be reprinted in its entirety by Marvel in 2014.  Dont know if it will be a graphic novel, or individual monthly issues

Agents of SHIELD TV characters are seeked upon in old comics

IDW is starting a new ongoing series that will have GI Joe and Transformers characters constantly featured together !

Dynamite Entertainment is reviving the Gold Key heroes (Turok, Magnus, Dr. Spektor, Solar) in 2014 with a quartet of top writers including Marc Waid, Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, and Frank Barbiere.

Recently Brain Boy became a new series based on the 1960’s series from Dell Comics

Honey West and I Spy team up in a 2 issue mini-series

Doctor Who (TV BBC) have discovered 2 complete episodes of Doctor #2 from 1967 that have never been seen since the 1960’s.   I have not even seen those !!   Exciting news for the 50th anniversary of the TV show next month

4 thoughts on “New series in 2014 that will stir interest in Back Issues”


    $20 for a 3D Joker’s Daughter anyone?

    Everyone that wanted / needed to sell, should have sold by now!!!!!!

    Below is a link to the latest EBAY ‘heat’ regarding the 3D JD:

    In my opinion, I think one should wait approximately 1 more week, and then start buying 3D JD’s in bulk for around $10-15 each!

    For everyone that snatched-up a few nice copies of Batman Family #6 and Catwoman #23, they can bundle a few of these sets together and make some cash!

    Like I said before, WHEN the moniker of the character that we know as Joker’s Daughter, whomever is under the paint, hits the big screen, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, this character’s books will EXPLODE IN PRICE ON THE SECONDARY MARKET!

    I still think the smart money is on buying these books IN BULK now that the price has settled (POST HYPE), and when the JD movie is announced, sell, sell, sell!

    DC Comics have outsmarted the entire industry by bringing this character back from the brink of obscurity, and then making the comics universe spin out of control to get 1 single issue of this character (23.4)! DC probably made pittance from these 3d covers, but surely they know the potential earnings of a JD movie (hahahahahhahha, IT WILL PROBABLY BE IN 3D)!

    I don’t think it took DC very long to come to a decision to scrap a stupid Hawkman or Wonder Woman movie project to start the initial phase of a block buster movie venture featuring none other than: THE JOKER’S DAUGHTER!

    And don’t worry, DC listened when the industry ‘collectively’ said that the 3D JD story was: PANTS!!!!!!

    Ramble Over…
    UKPS OUT!!!!!

    1. You know very well that there is never going to be a JD movie. At best, she may be a secondary villain in a Batman movie, but WB is transitioning away from solo Batman movies to Justice League movies. The peak price of JD 3D has already been reached, and now the market for her books is on the decline. Remember that the print run on this book was actually much higher than normal, it was just offset by greater interest by speculators. I wouldn’t buy these books at all right now, it’s better to sell while you can still get some kind of ROI. I’m calling it: by the end of November, JD 3D will be under $10.

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