Spread by Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm

Spread by Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm

Wow, imagine Lone Wolf and Cub meets John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing.’ I just read the teaser, which will be only up for one week and it looks fantastic. I love Justin Jordan’s ‘Luther Strode’ and have read his other books, but this new horror series looks fantastic. The promo was available at NYCC and only 250 copies were available. No copies appeared on eBay and a search on Google turned up nothing. This could be one of those books that heats up and everyone is looking for.  

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    Is anyone having any luck with Catwoman #24 (obviously, released today)? I’m running across the same story over here: THERE ARE ‘NONE’ IN THE UK!

    I’ve had to put on my (US)PONDSIDE hat, and I have secured 20 copies from a supplier in the States, but I was EXTREMELY surprised at the scarcity of this book over here in the UK. I’m stumped, as I didn’t pre-order any, as I felt that there would be ample copies to be had. Especially, with the RESOUNDING success of the recent Joker’s Daughter material!

    For me personally, I’m spek’n pretty hard on this book (CW24), as I feel that in time ‘THIS’ will be considered: THE (TRUE) 1ST NEW 52 APPEARANCE OF THE JOKER’S DAUGHTER! After all, CW23 was only a cameo…last page shot!

    I suppose one has to think back to the Incredible Hulk #180 & 181 debate, as far as which is the ‘TRUE’ fist appearance of Wolvie: the cameo appearance (180), or the 1st ‘FULL’ appearance (181)? EXACT-A-MONDO!!! As we all know, 181 is CLEARLY considered Wolvie’s 1st appearance!

    Just spek’n yall, but in terms of a CW23 & CW24 debate, the industry will ultimately make the final determination, so I figure I’ll be ready either way. I’m still holding 18 copies of CW23, and have secured 20 of CW24…We’ll see what happens!

    And of course, I still have my 2 VF+ copies of Batman Family #6, just in case the collective comics industry decides that this book (BF6) is JD’s definitive, unquestioned 1st appearance, and the NEW 52 books become labeled as her 2ND APPEARANCE, AND THEN HAVE NO HEAT (or value) WHATSOEVER!

    If that determination were to be made, Yes I would be stuck with 40+ NEW 52 ‘2nd appearance’ books, BUT I would still have 2 VF+ copies of her then UN-RIVALED, TRUE – INDUSTRY RECOGNIZED, 1ST APPEARANCE OF THE ‘MANTRA’: THE JOKER’S DAUGHTER!!!!!!!! So, then it wouldn’t matter who’s under the mask, the charater / mantra would always remain: THE JOKER’S DAUGHTER…and I’m fine with that!

    UKPONDSIDE (uspondside today)

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