Bryan Singer Tweets X-Men Apocalypse announcement

“X-Men” Director Bryan Singer announced over twitter that a new X-Men Movie titled “X-Men Apocalypse” would be coming out in 2016.

A release date is being bounced around for May 27,2016. This might not be a bad time to pick up the very early Apocalypse appearances, or at least keep them on your radar. Apocalypse was first mentioned in Revenge of the Living Monolith (Marvel Graphic Novel #17), which can still be found very cheap on Amazon and even cheaper on on eBay, for now. His first cameo appearance (where he is shown) is in X-Factor Vol. 1 #5, which can be picked up on Amazon for under $2 and on eBay for under $2 His first full appearance is in X-Factor Vol.1 issue #6, and has seen a big jump in price over night on Amazon, but still can be found with a start price as low as .99 cents.

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