From Option to Screen – The Books We’d Love To See Adapted Part II

Every week, hundreds of new comic books hit the local shelves. Many of these are long ongoing titles while others come and go quickly, being mini-series or one shots.

Last fall we visited a bunch of the books and titles that had options or media deals that have not gone beyond the option or if they did, they’re still in the wee early stages of ever getting turned into a show.

This is where we dive into the books that either haven’t been optioned or if they did, it’s long expired that we would all love to see and welcome being adapted into a television show or movie. Welcome to Part II of Books We’d Love to see Adapted.

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Kamala Khan to be in "Captain Marvel" film

MCU President Kevin Feige told BBC that a film of Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) was in the studio development. He left it pretty vague to any details. Here is what I have learned since then. Continue reading “Kamala Khan to be in "Captain Marvel" film”

IDW's Aleister Arcane Movie: Jim Carrey to Star Eli Roth to Direct

51XqmEf82CL._SY346_ is reporting that the long ago optioned adaptation of the comic Aleister Arcane will star Jim Carrey and be directed by Eli Roth. Continue reading “IDW's Aleister Arcane Movie: Jim Carrey to Star Eli Roth to Direct”

New Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer

We noted last night that a new Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer would be aired tonight during the college football game. In case you missed it here it is: Continue reading “New Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer”

IDW Crawl to Me movie and Killogy TV shows in development

Here is a couple of quick ones that had escaped my view. IDW has two books, both done by Alan Roberts of the band Life of Agony, that have media deals in place that seem like they will come to fruition. Continue reading “IDW Crawl to Me movie and Killogy TV shows in development”

Watson and Holmes from New Paradigm optioned for live action

Today has been a pretty active day for me and have been out of the home office. I am just catching up on my emails when I got this from New Paradigm Studios Brandon Perlow. Continue reading “Watson and Holmes from New Paradigm optioned for live action”

Mark Millar's new comic 'MPH' gets optioned for movie

Looks like Mark Millar has another media deal. MPH, the yet to be released comic out 5/21/14 has already been optioned for a movie.
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Motley Fool's Investor guide to 2014 Comic book movies

I love when non-comic book sites take notice of comic books. Motley Fool, the investment site, ran an article in the final days of 2013 that I stumbled across and found interesting. It is on the subject of investing and comic movies, well, that is what we do hear, just in a different way than I think they were talking about. Take a look at the comic movies that made the list.
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Dark Horse’s ‘The Fifth Beatle Heads’ to the Silver Screen

Thanks to Terry Hoknes at for this story.

It was announced today that Peyton Reed (Bring It On
, The Break-Up ) has signed on to direct ‘The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story’, the film adaptation of the recently released New York Times best-selling graphic novel (JUL130016V, $19.99) chronicling the final years of The Beatles’ founder and manager, Brian Epstein. The film is being produced by Academy Award winning producer, Bruce Cohen (American Beauty, Silver Linings Playbook) and Tony Award winning producer, Vivek J. Tiwary (“A Raisin in the Sun,” Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’) who authored the graphic novel. This marks the first ever feature film about The Beatles to secure music rights to their songs granting unprecedented access to the Lennon/McCartney music catalog. The screenplay is written by Tiwary, the project is slated to begin production in 2014 and the casting of the Brian Epstein role will begin now that Reed is on board.

‘The Fifth Beatle’ recounts the untold true story of Epstein, the brilliant visionary who discovered The Beatles and helped guide the band to international stardom as their manager, securing their first record deal at a time when no one else was interested, and successfully bringing them to the world stage with a scale and scope no music impresario had ever attempted. Epstein’s boast—“The Beatles will be bigger than Elvis!”— seemed absurd in 1961, but proved humbly prophetic by 1967. When he died at the age of 32, he was an extremely successful artist manager and entertainment impresario, but a painfully lonely young man

“From the moment I read Vivek’s graphic novel, I knew I wanted to be the person to bring Brian’s story to the big screen,” explains Reed. “I’m a lifelong Beatles fan, obviously, but it’s Brian’s fascinating life that really blew me away and drew me to this project. He’s the ultimate outsider who, against all odds, became the ultimate insider. He was responsible for shepherding the most popular artistic expression of “love” in the history of modern culture, and yet he wasn’t allowed to express his own love during that time.”

Tiwary and Cohen added, “Peyton’s films are incredibly fun and entertaining, while still underscoring a serious empathy for the struggle for accomplishment, belonging, and the need to love and be loved… In brief, Peyton is simply the perfect director to take the Brian Epstein story to the big screen. We’re honored and excited to be working with him!”

The graphic novel comes in several formats, the regular edition for $17.99, The Collectors Edition for $44.99, or the Limited Edition for $89.99 at Things from Another World or the regular edition for $17.39, The Collectors Edition for $35.81, and the Limited Edition for $63.81 on Amazon

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Bryan Singer Tweets X-Men Apocalypse announcement

“X-Men” Director Bryan Singer announced over twitter that a new X-Men Movie titled “X-Men Apocalypse” would be coming out in 2016.

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Sleeper from Ed Brubaker film by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Gritty superhero noir story Sleeper by Ed Brubaker is being picked up as a movie. The book Sleeper, put out through Wildstorm is being helmed by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Damon and Affleck are producing the movie through the Pearl Street production company.

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