‘Escape from Jesus Island’ Kickstarter and Phantom First Edition

We had talked a while back about Kickstarter books and how they are the wave of the future. One book on my radar was ‘Escape from Jesus Island.’ It is a horror story in the vein of Reanimator meets Punk Rock Jesus. Basically a group of scientists attempt to clone Jesus, and succeed, however, in the process the make scores of mistakes. Of course, the Vatican wants the clone and sends in soldiers to get him, and mayhem ensues.

The book was originally a Kickstarter book which succeeded. Which is great, but it does not get it into the comic shops and into hands of more readers. That is where Larry Doherty of larryscomics.net comes in. He has started The Phantom First Fridays which will promote Kickstarter and independent books and get them into the comic shops (Phantom Variant network stores). Essentially, he has started his own independent distribution network, which I love the idea. More about this in our next post.

Check out he exclusive pictures Larry Doherty from larryscomics.net sent over, this book looks like it is going to rock!





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  1. I live in Las Vegas NV and I would like to purchase one or two copies of the book it looks like something way different of what is out, and would like to read it for myself. where can I get a copy.

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