Phantom First Fridays info from Larry Doherty

With so many comic book shop coalitions jumping on the exclusive band wagon, we decided it was time to move in a different direction.

We like to support our publishing partners and our creator friends but we also needed a new angle for the Phantom Shops.
We don’t just want to be a variant cover group. We want to provide more to the comic industry.

Phantom First Friday benefits the shops involved by offering the consumer a unique shopping experience.

Creators & publishers receive great shelf space & promotional efforts from energetic retailers.

In exchange for a 30 day window of exclusivity and an original cover with some “Phantom Only” content, our network of energetic, creator friendly retailers will be providing promotional support and premium shelf space for projects that we feel are truly special.

Phantom First Friday is December 20th where we will launch our first micro distribution book.
We’re giving people a reason to return to their comic shop for something exciting and special.

Our first project, Escape from Jesus Island, fell into our lap. A group of creators approached us to see if we would be interested in the book. they had a successful kickstarter going but that is not enough to sustain an ongoing series nor does it put the book into comic shops. Bottom line is that there are hundreds of kickstarter projects that look and sound wonderful but your average comic shop can’t afford to invest in everyone of them, with a promise of it arriving sometime in the next year, but having to pay for it now. The Phantom will be looking for more of those outstanding properties to offer our support to. Along with our support we are also assisting creators by shopping to major publishers for them.
Once they see how it all works out for the Phantom Shops publishers just may be eager to look at a property that already has world-wide buzz thanks to the Phantom.

We help create the buzz and provide the creators the numbers they need to make their kick-starter project feasible. Our volume brings down their print run cost, allowing them make a profit coming out of the gate.
With luck, the best properties will then be picked up by a major publisher.

Phantom First Friday starts on December 20th with Escape From Jesus island. Any creators going to press from kickstarter, that are interested should send a full PDF to Ralph DiBernardo and Larry Doherty
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‘Escape from Jesus Island’ Kickstarter and Phantom First Edition

We had talked a while back about Kickstarter books and how they are the wave of the future. One book on my radar was ‘Escape from Jesus Island.’ It is a horror story in the vein of Reanimator meets Punk Rock Jesus. Basically a group of scientists attempt to clone Jesus, and succeed, however, in the process the make scores of mistakes. Of course, the Vatican wants the clone and sends in soldiers to get him, and mayhem ensues. Continue reading “‘Escape from Jesus Island’ Kickstarter and Phantom First Edition”