Comics Picks of the week for 1/15/14 part 2.

So I was sick this week, after my son was sick and it sidelined me from the site, and pretty much everything else. I did do a picks of the week column but only mentioned these next two books in it and wanted to spotlight them a little further because of the coolness factor. Both books are sold out.
First up is the Ultra-cool Black Dynamite #1, people went nuts for the subscription cover featuring Black Dynamite punching a shark. it is going for about $10 on eBay. One variant you probably didn’t see is the Third Eye Comics Variant, which features art work from Jim Rugg, who did the famous Ghost Variant for Walking Dead in Black-sploitation style. The cover was actually printed on a heavier stock than the regular versions.
Black Dynamite #1 Third Eye Variantbd1te
The second book of interest was the sold out Boom werewolf book, Curse #1 by Riley Rossmo. In addition to the regular variants, there was a cool Phantom variant worth picking up. It features art by Riley Rossmo.
Curse #1 Phantom Variantcurse phantom
These books would have been listed with my picks of the week, but as I said, I was sidelined.

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