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There has been some talk of the Hastings Variants for several books in the comments section so I wanted to bring that talk over into the posts.

Hastings is a chain of entertainment stores that sell new comics and back issues in their stores. They also do their own store variants that often do well on the secondary market. A couple have been released that feature Frank Kozik cross over characters from the Kidrobot line of vinyl toys.
First up is the Superior Spider-man #25 Venom Labbits variant which sells for $6.99 at Hastings and sells for $12-15 on eBay.
hastings spider
The second in the series is Wolverine #1 Wolverine Labbit variant. This book also sells for $6.99 at Hastings and has sold for $12-15 on eBay.
hastings wolverine
One that hasn’t gotten chatter, but should have due to the shear coolness of the cover, is Night of the Living Deadpool #1 Hastings variant featuring art work by Francesco Francavilla! This book also sells for $6.99 at Hastings and sells for $11-$17 on eBay.
hastings deadpool
Hastings ships for .97 cents. I make most of my sales on hot comics, but also smaller store variants so these are of interest to me.

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  1. That dead pool cover is sweet! Been loving Francavilla on afterlife with Archie! Too bad it’s currently sold out online, but I have a Trade Smart close by I can check out.

  2. i so badly want the night of living deadpool cover. at my hastings, i cant pick these up because theyre mid-remodel and say the 1/15 books not now on shelves will probably go up in about a week. sooo frustrating… i love francavilla’s art and dont want to miss out on this one. on the plus side tho, i did find huge stacks of both the deadpool 11 video game variant (goes for 15 on avg) as well as velvet #1 variants the other day. listing the former soon as $0.99 starter. may wait on the velvet 1’s a bit

    1. I’m a huge Francesco Francavilla fan as well. I just picked up two of these off eBay for 10.99 each. I’m a spender but I bought two just so the $4.99 shipping made it a little more worth the purchase.
      As for Deadpool, I’m not a fan but I picked up the regular cover for two reasons:
      1. Francesco Francavilla.
      2. I like Zombies.
      I’ve read it and enjoyed it so far. It’s too bad Francesco Francavilla didn’t do the interior art as well.

  3. maybe you’d know the answer to this anthony, but does anyone know how to find print run #’s for the hastings variants? Every now and again its in the book details like 300 for the locke and key alpha 1 variants or 1200 for samurai jack 1 but these are few and far in between

      1. that makes a lot of sense. the marvel ones seem to flood stores when they come out there. makes me wonder how many Image requires for their book. that black science one sold out incredibly fast

  4. @anthony from previous thread: you’re right re: the toys not being exclusive to hastings. i misread something from the bleedingcool article announcing it. that same article does mention, however that each labbit variant issue’s print run will be capped at 3000, which seems like a lot… until they inevitably make a deadpool labbit cover. his appeal is apparently inexhaustible

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