Phillip Tan Covers Wolverine Black White and Blood for Exclusive Cover

Our friends at New York Collector Cave have a new exclusive coming out for the upcoming Wolverine Black White and Blood #1 by Phillip Tan. Check out the cover and details below. Continue reading “Phillip Tan Covers Wolverine Black White and Blood for Exclusive Cover”

Spoilers: Powers of X #3

Powers of X #3 continues Jonathan Hickman’s rewrite and reboot of the X-Men. I think some were skeptical but this and House of X have surprised readers, selling out and getting multiple printings.

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Spoilers: Marvel Comics Presents #8

Marvel Comics Presents #8 continues the story line with Wolverine’s new daughter and Rien helps Logan get there, he’s looking for a demon but she finds someone else!

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Wednesday Winners for 06/26/2019

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Wednesday Winner post (Thanks to rush diehard for the inspiration and reminder we haven’t done one in a while). This week was exciting for comic flippers. A few winners with one of them being a total surprise, which is always welcome.

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Poyo’s Spec and Drek for February 20th, 2019

The best day is upon us once again, new comic book day. We spec, we buy, we flip, we read. Whatever it is you do with your comics, Wednesdays are what we look forward to each week, along with the fabulous CHU Tuesday nights.

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Comicsheatingup Chatter Hastings Variants

There has been some talk of the Hastings Variants for several books in the comments section so I wanted to bring that talk over into the posts.
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